Jewellery, concept to customer: CAD at Palloys

Sophie Kim – Creative Consultant, Palloys CAD, or computer-aided design, has truly revolutionised how we manufacture jewellery at Palloys. Its…

Alrosa introduces nanomarking technology to trace diamonds

Alrosa, Russian miner and the world’s largest producer of rough diamonds by carats, has introduced a ground-breaking diamond-tracing technology using…

Traditional artistry vs. technology

Artisans are closing the loop with Palloys CAD and CAM

Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair continues to push boundaries

Excitement in the industry builds as the next Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair attracts visitors, suppliers, buying groups, influencers and designers…

Qoin and your Business

New Qoin merchants are receiving 250 Qoin just for joining up. But do it for the right reasons. Jewellery World…

Gillet wins IT award

Jewellery software entrepreneur Raeleen Gillett has been awarded one of Queensland's most prestigious information technology awards.