Intriguing Turquoise – the birthstone of December

By Cynthia Unninayar

Heart of Australia

Some of the rarest and most coveted diamonds and gemstones in the world are found right here, on our doorstep.…

Australian coloured gemstone industry surging amid throttled supply chain

While Australian and international coloured gems are in more demand than ever, COVID-affected supply lines have put a hard brake…

Navneet Gems provides tips on traceability and the rise of Australian sapphires in the engagement ring sector

By Isabella Yan
Australian Sapphires

Sapphires of Australia

The saga of Australian sapphires began in 1851 when gold miners discovered the gem by chance in the Cudgegong and…

Scintillating sapphire — the birthstone of September

The Ancients Greeks wore sapphire when consulting the oracles, believing that the stone could help them understand oracular pronouncements.
Brett and Dee Bolton

60 years of Bolton Gems

2022 takes Bolton Gems into its 60th year of business in the jewellery industry. Bolton Gems have been supplying quality Diamonds, Colour…

Insight into our opal hunters

While a lack of new opal finds, higher fuel prices and more regulation makes life harder for our Aussie opal…

Emeralds and diamonds in Dubai

This May, Jewellery World Magazine attended the International Colombian Emerald Conference at the DMCC in Dubai which discussed market trends…

FURA Gems launches historic auction of unique and rare-color Australian sapphires; first-ever organized auction platform for sapphires

Unveiling unique rare-coloured sapphires from Australia, FURA Gems has announced the first-ever, organized, global auction of Australian sapphires that will…

Gembridge sets new standards for disclosure and ethics to support digital trade of coloured gemstones

Gembridge has introduced new policies for listing coloured gemstones on its digital trading platform, covering disclosure, ethical practices and responsible…

Creative craftspeople at the cutting edge of the green scene: Australia’s ethical jewellery industry

by Stefan Juengling