Stones & Silver – Two Decades of Success

In the industry, few names resonate as strongly as Stones & Silver. With nearly two decades of experience in supplying top-notch sterling silver and gemstone…

In the industry, few names resonate as strongly as Stones & Silver. With nearly two decades of experience in supplying top-notch sterling silver and gemstone jewellery to retailers across Australia and New Zealand, this industry titan has earned its reputation as a trusted partner for businesses seeking exceptional products and exceptional service.

Stones & Silver’s commitment to quality begins with their assurance that every product they offer is from .925 sterling silver. They take pride in providing detailed information about their diverse product ranges and emphasise the availability of their knowledgeable customer service team to address any customer inquiries. This dedication to transparency and education sets the stage for customers to make informed choices about their jewellery.

To stay ahead of industry trends, Stones & Silver conducts extensive research on global jewellery trends, allowing them to introduce new collections to the Australian market well before competitors. Their enduring relationships with suppliers, spanning over two decades, give them a competitive edge and a recipe for success.

Stones & Silver’s collection boasts over 60 diverse gemstones in unique rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. These pieces are popular due to their quality and the healing properties associated with these gemstones. Additionally, they exclusively distribute sterling silver chains, renowned for a patented process that inhibits tarnishing.

The company’s website also serves as a valuable resource for customers, offering detailed information about gemstones and birthstones. Stones & Silver plans to expand and enhance this meaningful content to empower customers in jewellery choices and care.

Exceptional customer service is a core value for Stones & Silver. The team listens to customers’ needs, offers in-person store visits, attends prominent trade fairs to foster face-to-face relationships and provides next-day express shipping throughout Australia.

Stones & Silver attributes its success and longevity to being an industry leader, offering unique stock services, exceptional customer service, and competitive price points. Their committed team plays a vital role in maintaining these standards.

Collaboration and partnership are vital in the jewellery business. Stones & Silver emphasises a hands-on approach, honesty, and loyalty in its interactions, cultivating trust and mutual benefit.

Stones & Silver is continuously exploring new jewellery trends and ethically made collections. Exciting projects are in the pipeline and expected to be released between December and February, promising more exquisite offerings for retailers and customers.

In an industry where quality, innovation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction are regarded above all else, Stones & Silver stands as a guiding light. With its unwavering dedication to excellence, this industry pioneer promises retailers and customers an even more radiant future ahead.




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