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Stones & Silver, featured on this month's cover, has been delivering high-quality silver and gemstone jewellery to Australia and New Zealand for almost 20 years.…

Stones & Silver, featured on this month’s cover, has been delivering high-quality silver and gemstone jewellery to Australia and New Zealand for almost 20 years. As industry leaders, Stones & Silver are known in the market for their outstanding stock and friendly approach that maintains trust with current customers and entices first-time buyers.

Their jewellery collection is a sight to behold, with unique designs that cater to a multitude of styles and preferences. Stones & Silver’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail means that every piece of jewellery is of the highest quality, creating long-lasting pieces that customers will cherish for years.

Stones & Silver’s commitment to delivering excellent customer service is integral to their business ethic. Their success is attributed to their ability to adapt to change and evolve with their customers. With a broad range of products and a keen eye for the latest trends and styles, Stones & Silver creates a fusion between fashionable and timeless pieces. 

Exploring trends and developing new styles is a favourite past-time of those at Stones & Silver. Watching classic styles make a comeback and adding a modern bohemian-inspired twist is what makes their collections uniquely Stones & Silver. Over the last few years, pearls have made a resurgence in popularity and are favoured when set against the warmth of yellow gold. Stones & Silver’s continual exploration sees beautiful stones, like turquoise and blue topaz, remain front-runners in the popularity game. However, one of their most luxurious gemstones proves to be larimar which originates from the Dominican Republic. Resembling the tranquil blues of the Caribbean coastline, this often opaque gem is an unexpected statement beloved by wearers.

As an avid appreciator of gemstones, the Stones & Silver collection is home to over 60 different gemstones. Their wide selection of free-spirited, yet timeless rings and pendants take full advantage of showcasing stones in their best light through quality settings.

Stones & Silver are also an exclusive distributor of .935 Sterling Silver chains, manufactured in Germany. These chains are highly sought-after due to a patented process that inhibits tarnishing. With such variety, there is something for everyone. Ordering is simple through their easy-to-use website or by appointment with one of their sales representatives. Stones & Silver also has a fully stocked Braeside Showroom available by appointment, and you can find them at significant trade fairs throughout the year. 

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