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Design development: The art and magic of jewellery manufacturing

From timeless techniques and age-old traditions to the high-tech realm of 3D printing, jewellery manufacturing has come a long way.…

The art of precious metals

As a part of Palloys’ wide range of products and services, we offer a state-of-the-art fabricated metals range and production…

Popcorn diamond for popping the question

Luxury jewellery designer Stephanie Gottlieb has created a range of unusual diamond shapes for clients over the years from dogs…
Coloured Diamonds

Coloured diamonds find favour as jewellery milestone gift

Coloured diamonds are gaining in popularity and are increasingly purchased as a jewel to mark life’s milestones, according to Tony…

The Golden Horseshoe Parade

The Victorian town of Beechworth recently held its famous “Golden Horseshoe” Parade, celebrating one of the most colourful election campaigns…

Jewellery, concept to customer: CAD at Palloys

Sophie Kim – Creative Consultant, Palloys CAD, or computer-aided design, has truly revolutionised how we manufacture jewellery at Palloys. Its…

Provenance matters – The importance of Green Gold

What is ‘green gold’? What does it mean for gold to be ‘ethical’?

Untarnished Style

by Kirsten Ehrlich Davies

Platinum brings value and growth to recovering jewellery industry

by Stefan Juengling

Creative craftspeople at the cutting edge of the green scene: Australia’s ethical jewellery industry

by Stefan Juengling

The silver lining in a recession year is… silver!

A combination of factors has contributed to silver’s surge in this year of economic upheaval. Government handouts, the rising price…