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Industry Forum: Joshua Sharp, JAA

What are the biggest issues or challenges the industry should be tackling in the next year? I think with the…

Industry forum: Kim Ridley, Women in Jewellery founder

As a leader in your business, what is the single most important value you want to pass to women in…

Industry Forum: Kym Hughes, NCJV president

How do you think the industry has progressed or advanced in the past year?I think 2022 was a year of…

Industry Forum: Chris Sherwin, Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia

Industry forum, 2023

Ellendale Diamonds, Australian from dream to reality

Starting off the New Year with a sparkle, Ellendale Diamonds shine on the cover of the first edition of JW…

Industry Forum 2023: Devino – Caroline Zingg, Managing Director

Industry forum, 2023