Seiko mid-city boutique opening

SYDNEY, 4th August 2022 - SEIKO Australia is pleased to announce the relocation of its Sydney Boutique to MidCity Shopping…

Lulo pink diamond

Miners in Angola have unearthed a massive pink diamond that may be the largest gem of its kind found in…
Australian Sapphires

Sapphires of Australia

The saga of Australian sapphires began in 1851 when gold miners discovered the gem by chance in the Cudgegong and…
Ethics on your wrist

Ethics on your wrist

Here are a range of watch brands that match style with strong environmental ideals.

Scintillating sapphire — the birthstone of September

The Ancients Greeks wore sapphire when consulting the oracles, believing that the stone could help them understand oracular pronouncements.
Brett and Dee Bolton

60 years of Bolton Gems

2022 takes Bolton Gems into its 60th year of business in the jewellery industry. Bolton Gems have been supplying quality Diamonds, Colour…

Insight into our opal hunters

While a lack of new opal finds, higher fuel prices and more regulation makes life harder for our Aussie opal…

Swarovski names new CEO

Throughout its 127-year history, Swarovski has been a family-managed brand. Now the company has appointed its first CEO from outside…
Pink Diamonds

The next chapter for the argyle pink diamonds brand

Two renowned jewellers have been chosen to head the Icon Partner program — a Rio Tinto strategy to secure the…

LVMH invests in Lab Grown Luxury

Ever since lab grown diamonds stepped away from their dull-brown industrial origins and into glittering light of fine jewellery, things…

IGI certifies world’s largest lab grown diamond

The International Gemmological Institute (IGI), the world’s largest independent gemmological laboratory, has analysed and graded a 30.18 carat laboratory grown…

Popcorn diamond for popping the question

Luxury jewellery designer Stephanie Gottlieb has created a range of unusual diamond shapes for clients over the years from dogs…