But Is It From Argyle?

Argyle Diamonds hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and investors, not only for their increasing value but also for their inherent beauty and fascinating origin story.

Written by Jewellery World

By Sylvie Dibbs

Argyle Diamonds hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and investors, not only for their increasing value but also for their inherent beauty and fascinating origin story. Being able to prove a diamond was unearthed at the Argyle Mine can also add a significant premium to the value of the stone. But how can we determine if a diamond is from Argyle?

Pink Diamonds

Among the spectrum of Argyle Diamonds, pink diamonds are the most known and collected. Scientifically speaking, Argyle Pink Diamonds possess unique physical characteristics that set them apart from their counterparts. Their colour is attributed to an additional element: plastic deformation induced by intense pressure during formation. This alteration of the crystal lattice results in the absorption of green light and the reflection of pink, creating the signature blush of these rare gems.

When it comes to verifying the Argyle origin of pink diamonds, scientific testing plays a crucial role. Diamond reports from reputable laboratories such as DELTA Diamond Laboratory (Perth) and Gem Studies Laboratory (Sydney) can confirm the Argyle origin through rigorous analysis.

Blue Diamonds

Argyle Blue Diamonds are admired for their extreme rarity and earthy blue colour. Unlike other blue diamonds around the world, which derive their colour from minute traces of boron, Argyle Blue Diamonds boast a distinct composition. These gems contain small traces of hydrogen, resulting in shades of violet, blue-violet, or blue-grey. Similar to pink diamonds, the Argyle origin of blue diamonds can be scientifically confirmed through meticulous testing conducted by gemmological laboratories.

The Argyle Octavia Stone, Rio Tinto

Champagne Diamonds

Once known simply as brown diamonds, Argyle Champagne Diamonds have undergone a transformation in both identity and perception. Historically comprising a significant proportion of diamonds from the Argyle mine, these gems have been successfully marketed as affordable Argyle collectables. The unique colouration of champagne diamonds is attributed to internal parallel brown grain lines, a result of crystal lattice distortion. Scientific analysis cannot unequivocally confirm their Argyle origin and provenance is only proven through documentation, such as origin certificates from Rio Tinto or other verifiable sources.

White Diamonds

Historically constituting an approximate 27 percent proportion of diamonds from the Argyle mine, Argyle White Diamonds range from near colourless to light yellow. One of the most renowned Argyle White Diamonds is The Argyle Octavia, a spectacular 28.84-carat gem celebrated for its size and beautifully cut into a perfect octahedral crystal. Only documentation from Rio Tinto and other verifiable sources can provide insight into the provenance of Argyle white diamonds as scientific testing cannot determine the Argyle origin.

The Twin Yellow Argyle, Sylvie Dibbs

Yellow Diamonds

Argyle’s legacy extends to yellow diamonds, where the presence of nitrogen infuses these gems with radiant splendour. While scientific testing cannot definitively prove the Argyle origin of yellow diamonds, proper documentation can support claims of provenance. An illustrious example of Argyle Yellow Diamonds is The Golden Twins of Argyle, two magnificent gems renowned for their size, intense hue and exceptional clarity.

Selling the Magic of Argyle

Effectively conveying the nuances of Argyle Diamonds to customers requires a balance of expertise, passion, and storytelling. It begins by educating customers about the rarity, uniqueness, and ethical aspects of Argyle Diamonds. Highlight the spectrum of available colours and the formation story. Argyle Diamonds are mined in Australia with environmental management, impact reporting, and initiatives to support the local community. Argyle Pink Diamonds (Rio Tinto) is also a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

If a customer expresses interest in Australian-made and locally sourced products, then delve into the allure of Argyle Diamonds as a remarkable Australian story. Emphasise the importance of reputable certification bodies and the significance of authenticity guarantees. Don’t forget to infuse your communication with storytelling, weaving narratives about the journey of each diamond from the depths of the Earth to the finished jewellery piece. Highlight the emotional significance of owning a piece of natural wonder, connecting customers to the beauty and historical importance of Argyle Diamonds.

Argyle Diamonds stand as a testament to the awe-inspiring forces of nature. By unravelling the mysteries of their formation and effectively communicating this knowledge to customers, we can foster a deeper appreciation for these exquisite gems and the stories they tell.

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