Georgini Jewellery celebrates 20 years at Australian Fashion Week

Australian jewellery brand Georgini celebrated its 20th anniversary with an exclusive showcase for Australian Fashion Week.

Written by Jewellery World

Australian jewellery brand Georgini celebrated its 20th anniversary with an exclusive showcase for Australian Fashion Week, unveiling its newest collections at the Henry Deane restaurant in Sydney’s CBD. The event wowed attendees with its vintage architecture and stunning views, creating an unforgettable experience.

The guest list reads like a who’s who of the fashion and entertainment world. Reality stars Brooke Cleal, Selina Chhaur, Nick Brown, and Molly O’Halloran mingled with models Jasmine Stringer, Dawn Keenan, Lyndl Kean, Antonia Vlad, and Jiselle Manning. 

Antonia Vlad. Supplied by Georgini.
Dawn M Doughlin. Supplied by Georgini.

Social media influencers Dylan Charles, Christina Fevre, Emily Gillmore, and stylists Elarna Spinks and Nicole Adolphe added to the glamour. Partners of Ruby League stars, Kristi Wilkinson and Jade Hodges, and actors Lorrinda Merrypoor, Aadyha Wade, and Yash Fernando, were also in attendance, celebrating Georgini’s milestone.

The event, held at the iconic Henry Deane Lounge offered an intimate setting where guests could interact with the jewellery pieces. The lounge’s mezzanine space provided an exquisite backdrop with uninterrupted views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Barangaroo precinct. Guests had the unique opportunity to touch and try on the jewellery at a specially designed vanity while enjoying the luxurious atmosphere.

Jiselle Manning. Supplied by Georgini.
Jamie Azzopardi. Supplied by Georgini.

Celebrity stylist Jamie Azzopardi hosted the event, mingling with guests and ensuring the evening was both stylish and memorable. The event concluded with guests receiving a special gift—a piece from one of Georgini’s four showcased ranges.

Georgini’s creative director, Melinda Carey, expressed immense pride in the brand’s two-decade journey. The milestone collection, featuring bestsellers such as the popular gemstone halo pendants, earrings, and the classic tennis bracelet, was a highlight of the evening. The showcase also included the recently launched Mirage range and upcoming pieces like the cushion cut solitaire ring, pendant, and earrings.

The Mirage Collection. Supplied by Georgini.

Melinda Carey shared her excitement about Georgini’s expansion into global markets, including recent ventures into England and Switzerland, with aspirations for Canada. She emphasised the brand’s commitment to affordable luxury and its success in carving out a niche in the competitive jewellery market. The Mirage collection, named after iconic Australian locations, represents Georgini’s dedication to infusing a touch of Australian culture into its designs.

The event occurred on the second day of Australian Fashion Week at Sydney’s luxurious Millers Point bar, which offers stunning views of Sydney Harbour. The event was a perfect celebration of Georgini’s legacy and future, featuring a blend of exquisite jewellery, sparkling wine, and a glamorous guest list.

As Georgini Jewellery continues to expand and captivate jewellery enthusiasts globally, this 20th-anniversary event served as proof of the brand’s enduring charm and forward-thinking approach.

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