Coloured Diamonds

The World’s Most Stunning Coloured Diamonds

In the fascinating world of rare and vibrant gemstones, coloured diamonds emerge as nature’s captivating masterpieces.

The Eternal Pink Diamond – a rare gem up for auction

The high-end jewellery world is buzzing with news of the upcoming auction of the Eternal Pink Diamond, a rare and…

Lab grown coloured diamonds

While lab grown diamonds are created in a wide range of colours, the most popular colours we see at JC…

Coloured diamonds find favour as jewellery milestone gift

Coloured diamonds are gaining in popularity and are increasingly purchased as a jewel to mark life’s milestones, according to Tony…

Ellendale to be mining in 2022

Burgundy Diamonds Mines is one step closer to re-opening the Ellendale diamond mines in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Fancy Vivid up for sale

Following the auction of four pink diamonds for more than US $1 million a carat in the last 15 months,…