The World’s Most Stunning Coloured Diamonds

In the fascinating world of rare and vibrant gemstones, coloured diamonds emerge as nature’s captivating masterpieces.

Written by Jewellery World

In the fascinating world of rare and vibrant gemstones, coloured diamonds emerge as nature’s captivating masterpieces. Their incredible hues fascinate the hearts and minds of collectors, enthusiasts, and jewellers alike. Let’s look at some of the most remarkable coloured diamonds the world has seen.

Moussaieff Red Diamond

With a price tag of seven million, the 5.11-carat Moussaieff Red Diamond is a fancy red gemstone that captures you with its intense colour. While it may seem modest in size compared to other gems on this list, its rarity is unparalleled. Formerly known as the Red Shield Diamond, this precious stone was unearthed by a Brazilian farmer in the legendary Minas Gerais region. 

The Pumpkin Diamond

The Pumpkin Diamond, a 5.54-carat fancy vivid orange beauty, began as an 11-carat brownish-orange rough stone discovered in South Africa in 1997. This cushion-cut wonder underwent a magical transformation, becoming one of the rarest naturally coloured diamonds globally. Its vibrant hue and unique journey make it a true gemological treasure.

35420 (Moussaieff Red): Photo: Shane F. McClure/© GIA
35417 (Pumpkin diamond): Photo: Shane F. McClure/© GIA.

The Kimberley Octahedral

In its uncut form, the Kimberley Octahedral boasts a staggering 616 carats, displayed as a testament to nature’s artistry. Unearthed in 1964, it was the seventh-largest gem-quality rough diamond and remains the largest naturally formed octahedral diamond crystal globally. De Beers wisely preserved this unique relic for future generations, aware of its unparalleled rarity.

Dresden Green Diamond

The Dresden Green Diamond, a 41-carat natural green diamond of VS1 clarity, hails from the mines of India. Its striking green hue and potential internal flawlessness make it a true marvel. For centuries, it graced the city of Dresden, Saxony’s capital, before embarking on an international journey, including a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It’s a gem steeped in history and mystique.

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond, once known as Le bleu de France, is the largest deep blue diamond globally, weighing 45.52 carats. Mined in India, this fancy deep greyish-blue VS1 diamond holds an estimated value of $350 million. Its deep blue allure and storied history have made it a legend in the world of diamonds.

164766 (Dresden Green): Courtesy: Grünes Gewölbe, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. Photo: Shane McClure/© GIA.
285027 (Hope Diamond): Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution. Photo: Robert Weldon/© GIA.

The Purple Orchid

Showcasing as a star at the 2014 Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair, the Purple Orchid began as a four-carat rough diamond from an undisclosed mine in South Africa. Months of meticulous cutting and polishing unveiled its inner beauty, resulting in a 3.37-carat cushion-cut marvel with fancy pink-purple colouring. Purple diamonds of this calibre are incredibly rare, making the Purple Orchid a true gem among gems.


The Daria-i-Noor, meaning “sea of light” in Persian, weighs 182 carats and boasts a pale pink hue. Extracted from India’s Golconda Mine, this diamond’s history is as rich as its colour. Passed from one dynasty to another, it’s now part of the Iranian crown jewels. Researchers speculate that it was once part of a bigger pink diamond that adorned the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s throne, adding to its mystique and grandeur.

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