Diamond industry urges G7 to reconsider Russian diamond ban proposal

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has embarked on a campaign, rallying the global diamond industry to express concerns…

Searching for Beyond Rare – Will We Find Another Argyle Mine?

The Argyle pink diamond deposit in Western Australia has been celebrated as the source of the world's most coveted pink…

Warm and Fuzzy

For 2024, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pantone's ‘Color of the Year,’ it has chosen a soft and warm…

Pink Diamonds Unveiled – Ellendale’s Legacy and Geological Marvels

The director of Ellendale Diamonds Australia, Chris Soklich, leads this comprehensive exploration of the enchanting world of pink diamonds.

Diamond prices set for a resurgence

Cormac Kinney, chief executive officer of Diamond Standard, and diamond analyst Paul Ziminsky, have disclosed insights into the imminent surge…

Educating Australian Retailers and Salespeople

Recently, I hosted a guest from the diamond jewellery space from overseas. He was curious to see how Australian retailers…
Diamond Mining

Angola launches diamond mining project amid global challenges

In a bold move despite the current challenges facing the diamond industry, Angola has officially commenced diamond mining at its…
Argyle Treasures

The Perth Mint reveals exquisite Argyle Treasures ring

In celebrating Australia's natural resources, The Perth Mint has proudly introduced the Argyle Treasures.
Diamond Ring

Diamond prices experience steep decline amid market corrections

The diamond industry, which saw a remarkable surge in 2021 and 2022 driven by heightened pandemic-era demands, is now grappling…
Rio Tinto Diamonds

Rio Tinto rare-coloured diamonds inspire international connoisseurs

In a spectacle of natural elegance and rarity, Rio Tinto has captivated an exclusive audience in Europe with its inaugural…

Rio Tinto appoints new chief operating officer to Diavik Diamond Mine

Rio Tinto has announced the appointment of Matthew Breen as the new chief operating officer of the Diavik Diamond Mine.

How to Sell Coloured Diamonds Successfully

Did you know the average price of all colours and sizes of fancy colour diamonds climbed by 3.9 percent in…