Discover Nina’s Spectacular Wholesale Coloured Diamond Range

Launching this winter, Nina’s Jewellery is proud to present its first wholesale range in over 50 years.

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Launching this winter, Nina’s Jewellery is proud to present its first wholesale range in over 50 years. Comprising natural coloured diamonds sourced from all over the world, including the much-coveted and increasingly rare Australian Argyle pink and blue diamonds, Nina’s Coloured Diamond Jewellery ranges will meet market demand for on-trend, high-quality jewellery and diamonds—in colour!

After decades as a boutique jeweller and coloured diamond specialist, Nina’s feels it understands the challenges faced by modern jewellers and strives to help solve them. Using years of sales data, Nina’s has curated ranges based on its own best sellers and international market trends, designed to be in line with everyone’s bottom line.

Supplied by Nina’s Jewellery

Its launch ranges include a high-impact take on coloured diamonds Spectrum, a fresh collection of South Sea pearls, Lustre and of course, its strength as one of the first Argyle Select Atelier’s shines through with Rosé, its Argyle pink and blue diamond range. Plus modern classics and high-quality takes on on-trend sparkle abound in its general collection.

“Our strength comes from our close bond with our manufacturing facility, and our Australian-based designers and Master Jewellers.” Shivangi Modi, Nina’s general manager of product and finance shares. “We travel to Mumbai every year to provide additional training to our team based over there and hand-select every stone ourselves. Every piece is inspected for quality by our Master Jewellers in Dunsborough, WA.”

“We will, of course, retain our retail arm, as it is pivotal in helping us understand and meet the needs of retailers just like us—and our customers just wouldn’t let us go!” Modi adds. “But wholesale is a return to our chief executive officer Stephen Turner’s roots—he specialised in Argyle and coloured diamond wholesale jewellery in the 80s. In a way, this evolution of our business is actually us coming full circle!”

Supplied by Nina’s Jewellery

Already signed on with key Australian buying groups, these fresh new ranges have been met with a tremendous amount of excitement. “No two coloured diamond pieces are alike, so there’s a real challenge and so much excitement to being able to offer such a unique and consistent product to the market.”

Founded in 1965, Nina’s Jewellery began its journey in Kununurra, WA—right on what would become the now famous Argyle mines’ doorstep, and was among the first Argyle Pink Diamond Select Ateliers.

Its showroom and workshop are now based in the stunning coastal town of Dunsborough, but the great pride it takes in the design and crafting of its jewellery remains unchanged.

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