Ellani Collections – contemporary designs set to impress

Ellani Collections, featured on our cover this month, are creators of fine jewellery with a passion for fashionably styling the…

It’s looking bright – The Future of Traceability

As we move into a more socially conscious world, fashion tends to move with the people and the jewellery industry…

The Australian Consumer Report

It’s no secret that jewellery is a hot commodity in Australia. From sparkling diamond rings to eye-catching necklaces, the range…

Melbourne Jewellery Fair 2023 proves major success

The Jewellery Industry Fair in Melbourne confirms its solid reputation after hosting a second successful event with over 660 guests…

Michael Hill’s focus on local manufacturing

Jeremy Keight from JW Magazine was privileged to take an exclusive tour of Michael Hill Jeweller’s new manufacturing facility in…

Katie Flinn Design,  Ethereal jewellery handcrafted with love

This month, The Gem Monarchy introduces the unique and breathtaking Katie Flinn Design.

Australian Made

Australia is a rich country with an abundance of natural resources, many of which are instrumental to the jewellery industry

Chemgold – precious metals experts

Precious metals experts

Garnet’s Rainbow of Colours

by Cynthia Unninayar

The Workbench

Australian jewellery manufacturers

Design development: The art and magic of jewellery manufacturing

From timeless techniques and age-old traditions to the high-tech realm of 3D printing, jewellery manufacturing has come a long way.…

Diamonds renewed

The taste for diamonds has shifted dramatically in recent years and the natural industry is responding. As consumer preferences change,…