Diamonds renewed

The taste for diamonds has shifted dramatically in recent years and the natural industry is responding. As consumer preferences change,…

Paul Shadiac Imports: Captivating style with European flair

Featured on the cover this month, Paul Shadiac Imports celebrates 41 years in the jewellery industry. Paul originally started the…

The Seven Deadly Trends

1. Maximalism, 2. Technicolour, 3. Environmentalism 4. Personal, 5. Resurrection of Rings, 6. The Perseverance of Pearls, 7. Metaverse.

Transforming the market: Lab grown vs mined diamonds

While a diamond might be forever, the one thing that is truly constant is change – and the diamond industry…

Intriguing Turquoise – the birthstone of December

By Cynthia Unninayar

De Beers announces Lupita Nyong’o as first Global Ambassador

Press Release: De Beers Group

Creating connection through children’s jewellery

Jewellery has been used throughout history to form a connection within a family to be passed down through the generations.…

A crash course in retargeting

The Australian Retailers Association is clear that ‘loyal customers are the key to long-term sustainability and growth’ (“A Crash Course…

Capturing customers in store this festive season

CAPTURING CUSTOMERS IN STORE THIS FESTIVE SEASON Covid, floods, war, lettuce shortages and the price of tomatoes. It’s been a…

Marketing step-by-step

Marketing can feel overwhelming, but breaking it down can make it a little easier. Here is a step-by-step marketing guide…

A soft spot for silver

Stones and Silver are one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading .925 sterling silver wholesale jewellery providers, offering an extensive…
Citrine & Topaz

Citrine and topaz – November’s two birthstones

By Cynthia Unninayar