Lab grown coloured diamonds

While lab grown diamonds are created in a wide range of colours, the most popular colours we see at JC Jewels at the moment are…

While lab grown diamonds are created in a wide range of colours, the most popular colours we see at JC Jewels at the moment are pink, blue and yellow.

As we all know, pinks, blues and other Fancy colour diamonds are extremely rare in nature and the low supply dictates very large premiums for these gems—when you can source them at all! They have become an investment as much as an item of beauty.

But there is another side to this. Many consumers who do want a pink diamond, for example, want it not as an investment, but as a piece of jewellery to enjoy in their daily life. They simply love their jewellery with some colour and, until now, there hasn’t been a diamond option that can meet most consumers’ budgets. With lab grown diamonds now available in most colours, this is giving retailers access to a new market sector—affordable coloured diamond jewellery—and introducing them to a whole new client.

There’s a slight hitch—but don’t expect it to remain a problem for long! Lab grown diamond growers have been hard pressed keeping up with the ever- increasing demand for white stones and so have not placed a strong focus on growing the colours. As a result, we haven’t yet seen too many coloured collections on the market—until now.

Many American retailers are starting to promote coloured lab grown diamond collections, creating designs centred around the popular pink, blue and yellow tones. Ring designs featuring twin diamonds are currently in vogue, with multiple colours being used in these too.

We are also seeing retailers upselling their coloured gem clients to a diamond with colour—and why not? Coloured lab grown diamonds still meet the budget in many cases and supplying a diamond in place of a gemstone appeals to many clients. This trend reinforces the next generation’s
view of diamonds. They don’t see them as an investment in the way their parents may have, but rather as a gift of love to be worn daily and not locked away in a vault.

Just as lab grown diamonds ‘disrupted’ the diamond market as a whole, expect colours to do the same.

Craig Miller, JC Jewels CEO

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