Supplier Profiles

Orange River Diamonds

Adam Plant has been working in the gem and diamond trade since he was 18. Now, with Orange River Diamonds,…

Man of Colours – Brendan McCreesh

Hazel Bradley reveals how coloured gemstones can offer a treasure trove of unique opportunities for innovation and profit.

Cashelle – the ‘one-stop’ supplier

Arthur Pike, the owner of Cashelle Jewellery, reveals the history behind the well-established jewellery supply company.

Pastiche – silver, steel and success

Jenny Berich meets Barbara Hastings and the rest of the team behind Pastiche - the company and the brand.

RJ Scanlan – branding the future

33 years after selling their house to start a wholesale jewellery business, Robert and Rosslyn Scanlan are leading the way…

Out of Africa – Miller Diamonds

Fourteen years after leaving their successful diamond wholesale business in Johannesburg, Des Miller and his three sons have successfully established…

HOJ – the home of jewellery supplies

Jenny Berich meets the couple running Australia's only one stop shop for jewellery supplies.

Reinventing Peter W Beck

Peter W Beck, the founder of Australia's leading wedding ring manufacturer and precious metals service provider, reveals why he is…

Distelling success

From making copper pipe jewellery for his mum to manufacturing diamond and gold jewellery for the masses, Albert Grech has…

Chain Reaction

After 43 years making chains and jewellery Isa Atakliyan is still creating new designs to meet the constantly changing needs…

Arctic Wolf – hungry for success

Launched just three years ago, jewellery wholesaler Arctic Wolf is making a big impact on the local market with Chamilia…

Reinventing Lindsay’s

Local jewellery industry wholesaler Lindsay's is reinventing itself with a strong focus on Italian watch and jewellery brands.