Hamid Bros – from yesteryear to today

Hamid Bros inception began the moment Casim Abdul Hamid arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka in 1898, carrying with him a parcel of gemstones. In…

Hamid Bros inception began the moment Casim Abdul Hamid arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka in 1898, carrying with him a parcel of gemstones. In 1960, Casim Hamid’s son, George took over the business, running with just one secretary. Then in 1975, he was joined by his son Grant and soon after, his daughter Deb. During the 90s, Grant and Deb took over the business and since Deb’s retirement in 2022, Hamid Bros is owned exclusively by Grant with a close team of seven gemmologists.

Today, Hamid Bros continues to supply quality gems that can be cherished for generations. Starting with just a few major retailers, Hamid Bros now supplies to around 2000 jewellers across Australia and New Zealand, and in several countries overseas. Their reach can be attributed largely to their ability to exist in the online retail space and use technology to connect with customers across the globe. Specialising in fine quality, clean, well-cut gems, Hamid Bros works hard to maintain their reputation. Their staff have extensive experience in the jewellery trade and most have worked on the team for over a decade — some over two. Due to their extensive gemmological knowledge, Hamid Bros can provide certificates of authenticity on selected gems upon request to assist with sales.

Hamid Bros are not short of customers, with their coloured gemstones sales taking off . Amongst their most popular stones are coloured sapphires,
especially in blue, pink, padparadscha, and teal. Other classics such as emerald, aquamarine, and morganite are also among the brand’s top sellers.
Tourmaline, tsavorite garnet, blue zircon, and spinel continue to be in high demand amongst buyers. Fine quality gems like those sold by Hamid Bros speak for themselves—you don’t need to be a gemmologist to recognise the beauty of a clean, well-cut gem.

As the brand has traded for well over 100 years, their biggest advantage is their long held and established relationships with suppliers, which includes relatives in Sri Lanka who also collect and cut for the business. They care deeply about sustaining these long-standing relationships, often travelling overseas to select gems in person, selecting from stock which is presented to them by trusted partners. Hamid Bros have shared their knowledge and experience gained over many generations by lecturing to the GAA, NCJV, JAA and other trade affiliations. They specialise in supplying coloured gemstones exclusively and continue to maintain their high standards that their customers expect. By keeping up with latest trends, treatments, synthetics and new mining areas, Hamid Bros are dedicated to providing their customers with the top quality offerings and generations of invaluable knowledge.

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