Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair continues to push boundaries

Excitement in the industry builds as the next Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair attracts visitors, suppliers, buying groups, influencers and designers alike. The upcoming iteration of…

Excitement in the industry builds as the next Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair attracts visitors, suppliers, buying groups, influencers and designers alike. The upcoming iteration of this world-class event kicks off in March.

It is starting to feel as though life here in Australia is getting back to some kind of normal, and despite domestic travel still sitting at around 15% and state lock downs happening for a few days at a time, the unknown of the Covid cloud seems to be lifting slightly.

This lift is bringing about a new level of positivity in the industry at the moment, as jewellers are trading well and the industry sees changes occurring for the betterment of the industry. One change that has connected us to the world has been the launch of the Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair.

Adapting to not only new technology but to a new global standard for our industry, the Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair in 2020 put Australia on the map as an innovative industry operator. The fair, which connected us during times of doubt, has been recognised by many globally as being world class and a wonderful testament to our ability to be resilient and forward thinking in these times.

Continuing to push the boundaries is the next Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair, set for March 11th – 13th. This fair brings with it new elements, new exhibitors, new guest experiences and additional advancements in the technology.

Our team is excited to launch the first online Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Championships. A design and manufacturing competition, where competitors will be streamed live to the virtual fair. Guests will be able to watch the progress of the competitors as they create their pieces for the championships.

Connecting us to the world like never before, we have been able to secure some incredible international guests and are honoured to welcome them to present on stage.

Alessio Boschi

From Italy, Alessio Boschi joins us as a world renowned jewellery designer. Alessio will be discussing his designs, what they mean to him and how he creates his breathtaking pieces.

Katerina Perez

From the world of Instagram comes Katerina Perez, Instagram influencer and jewellery commentator, with more than 340k followers. Katerina will be sharing with us her secrets to success in the world of jewellery. With a topic many jewellers are interested to know more about, Katerina will leave us inspired and posting for success.

Paola De Luca

With years of jewellery experience and having worked with some of the largest jewellery companies in the world, Paola De Luca is a luxury trends forecaster and will be speaking on stage at the Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair to share her wealth of knowledge. Paola developed the Trend Book for Vicenza Oro and today runs The Futurist.

Branko Deljanin

Leading the way in the world of gemmology we will be presenting Branko Deljanin who is the head gemmologist and president at CGL Canadian Gemlab. He will be bringing his extensive experience to our Australian fair guests.

We are thrilled to welcome all of our speakers and wonderful exhibitors to the JIVF. This year our supplier area of the fair will introduce you to some new jewellery suppliers and their teams. Browse through their offering and get in touch on the day to stock up ready for Mother’s Day trading.

The Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair will continue to bring you new and innovative ways of doing business, meeting each other and learning from global experts. We invite you all to attend and enjoy the flexibility, safety and entertainment this event provides.

We’ll see you at the fair, online!

Register online at:
11-13 March, 2021