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Maison Mazerea launches in Perth

On 21 September, Australia’s new diamond jewellery brand, Maison Mazerea, launched at a glittering cocktail reception in Perth, Western Australia.  …

Diamonds renewed

The taste for diamonds has shifted dramatically in recent years and the natural industry is responding. As consumer preferences change,…

Transforming the market: Lab grown vs mined diamonds

While a diamond might be forever, the one thing that is truly constant is change – and the diamond industry…

Rio Tinto unveils iconic $6M Argyle Pink Diamonds ring

Rio Tinto has unveiled its first significant Argyle pink diamond jewellery piece since the closure of the iconic Argyle mine…

De Beers announces Lupita Nyong’o as first Global Ambassador

Press Release: De Beers Group

Scientists make diamonds from plastic

In a development that’s likely to explode the lab grown vs mined diamonds debate out of the water, scientists have…

Pink diamond dreaming

Geologists found alluvial diamonds in the East Kimberly region in the 1970s. The traditional owners of the land have known…

Ellendale Diamonds

Alluring natural beauty unearthed in the outback

A brief history of change in the diamond world

Why buy from a local diamond dealer?

Avoiding red faces from pink diamonds

With the amount of interest, money, and investment in Argyle pink diamonds, the industry is rife with hazards, and it…
Men's fashion

Men’s fashion and diamond pieces on the red carpet

Shaping fashion trends