Musson proudly unveils rare and iconic $1,850,000.00 ring, the Diavik Midnight Sun

Press Release

Musson is delighted to unveil an extraordinary new piece of jewellery, a ring created from an exceptionally rare 36.75 carat fancy intense yellow rough diamond, the Diavik Midnight Suntm .

It will launch to the world on 30th November 2022 with a price tag of $1,850,000.00.

The diamond crystal was unearthed at Rio Tinto’s Diavik Mine, in the Canadian tundra, and named for the incredible natural phenomena that occurs when the sun is seen at midnight in the Arctic, resulting in a blaze of magnificent pink and golden hues across the night’s sky.

Musson has worked in collaboration with Rio Tinto and rare gem specialist Glajz THG, as part of Rio Tinto’s Icon Partner programe, to bring this extraordinary diamond to life. The rough diamond was cut into an 18.08 carat fancy intense oval-shaped yellow diamond, and sister 3.02 carat lighter yellow pear-shaped diamond.

The hero 18.08 carat fancy intense oval diamond has been set into a majestic ring designed by Musson, featuring a stunning bouquet of 4.09 carats of Argyle Pink DiamondsTM, encapsulating the beauty and rarity of the phenomenon for which it was named.

“The warmth, potency and beauty inherent in the golden and pink hues of this natural wonder are truly embodied in this enthralling creation,” says Rio Tinto’s General Manager of Diamonds Sales and Marketing, Patrick Coppens.

“The piece is reflective of the colours of sunset and sunrise. It is powerfully evocative of summer. To work with a rough diamond straight from the mine is a dream come true. It’s the creative pinnacle of our art, perhaps the purest expression of jewellery design, and an opportunity we embrace with joy and excitement,” says Musson Creative Director, Olivar Musson.

“The diamonds have come to the Australian sun from the midnight sun of Canada,” he says. “It’s a wonderful story.”

Rio Tinto’s Diavik Diamond Mine has been operating since 2003 and typically produces white gem quality diamonds, with yellow diamonds comprising only 1% of its total production. The Mine has yielded less than four other fancy intense yellow rough diamonds above 30 carats in the past five years. It is only fitting to set such an extraordinary diamond with the rarest diamonds in the world, Argyle Pink Diamonds from the now closed Argyle Diamond Mine.

The Diavik Midnight Sun project mirrors the story of the incredible Argyle OctaviaTM , the largest gem quality white diamond in Argyle’s history, and another successful mine-to-market collaboration between Musson and Glajz THG in 2020.

Musson Midnight Sun “To create this piece is an honour. It continues our legacy and that’s deeply important to us,” says Olivar Musson.

“Making something that is going to be truly treasured, that is what drives us each and every day,” he says.