Precious metals experts

Proudly Australian owned and operated, the precious metal and related services company Chemgold features on the JW cover this month. This family run business has enjoyed nearly 40 years of success in the industry with a range of offerings including casting, CAD, 3D printing, precious metals, fabricated alloys, refining, findings and JewelMounts.

“Chemgold’s core business values are honesty, integrity and to always be at the forefront of innovation and technology,” says Darren Sher, director. “Apart from this, we understand that we’re a service-based business and have always focused on ensuring our customers have a positive and personalised experience.”

This customer experience includes a hands-on approach to service that is tailored to each individual’s specific requirements.

“Chemgold has a ‘we care’ attitude. We believe in a high level of communication at all times with our customers and understand how important it is to ensure we meet deadlines,” says Darren.

One of Chemgold’s many services includes their state of the art casting house, which casts all alloys daily and is a one stop service for design, printing, moulds, finishing and laser engraving. 

“We maintain a high level of quality by ensuring we have the latest and most innovative equipment,” explains Larry Sher, director. “With casting there are so many processes from spruing, investing, tree building, water/sand blasting etc and it is important that staff undergo continuous training to ensure each task is looked after correctly and performed to the highest standard. We believe in the philosophy of constant and never ending improvement.”

To coincide with their business values, Chemgold also prioritises recycling and ethical business practices.

“As the demand for eco-friendly, responsibly traded goods increases, the precious metals and fine jewellery industries are increasingly affected,” says Larry. “Chemgold only uses precious metals with an ethical and responsible approach. Protecting human rights and upholding our social responsibility are also key factors in our manufacturing process.”

With a proven track record of supplying the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industry with precious metal products and services, Chemgold’s strengths lie in the quality of their products and services, their commitment to industry partners and prioritising the relationships with their customers.

“Along with aiming to provide the highest quality and exceptional service, we believe in looking after our staff, having great systems and have a philosophy of aiming for continuous innovation,” adds Darren.

Renowned for their quality casting, CAD/CAM, refining, fabricating alloys and findings, Chemgold’s passion for the industry and their customers is clear. Chemgold continues to contribute to their well established name and nearly 40 years of experience by providing Australia and New Zealand with their precious metal requirements.

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