Laura Moore – Industry Forum 2024

Laura Moore, Managing Director of the Jewellery Industry Network gives her insights into the successes and challenges of 2023 with hopes for the 2024 year.

Written by Jewellery World

Laura Moore
Managing Director, Jewellery Industry Network

Can you reflect on the notable successes and achievements of JIN in 2023? What were the key highlights that positively impacted the industry?

We had another huge year at JIN and continued to add to our list of deliverables for the industry. Most notable for 2023, was the addition of our Sydney Jewellery Industry Fair which brought together over 1000 visitors and guest speakers from all over the world. We are so humbled by the support the event received and the amount of positive guest feedback, which reinforced the need for additional positive assets for the industry. Along with the Sydney Fair in 2023 and our annual Melbourne Jewellery Industry Fair, we also delivered a suite of other assets and content to the industry in the form of informative webinars, workshops, networking events, member morning teas, and so much more. We have been able to catch up with so many industry members this year and have been over the moon with the extensive amount of positive feedback around the work done to date. 

What were the notable challenges that JIN and the jewellery industry faced in 2023, and how were these challenges addressed or overcome?

As we are a young company, we have experienced challenges around growing and sustaining the service level we have committed to for our clients and members. Because we keep adding new assets and offerings for the industry, we will most likely continue to have a need where we readjust our internal processes to fit the needs of our clients. One challenge that we will face is that our business is geared around assisting the industry with its challenges, so whether it is changes in the diamond market, small business issues, meeting the changing needs of suppliers, or positively promoting the industry and its individuals, JIN is committed to working with the industry to find solutions and move forward. 

Can you share instances or stories from 2023 that exemplify how JIN contributed to a positive industry culture?

Our goals all centre around bringing people together and creating community and connections between people in the industry, whether local or international. We are very aware of the difficulties some sectors of the industry face and have worked to provide solutions built with positivity and heart. Ultimately, we are passionate about the people here and bring care to everything we do. Over the past few years since starting JIN, we have had countless messages and conversations from industry members who have appreciated the work we have done because they see how hard we are working for them. These conversations and the trust put in us have meant the world to myself and our team. 

What educational initiatives by JIN made a significant difference in empowering the industry in 2023, and what educational opportunities can attendees anticipate for 2024?

I’m very proud that we connected the Australian industry with some of the world’s most influential and professional industry people, by bringing them to the Jewellery Industry Fair in Sydney. Along with the Fair, we brought in expertise that assisted industry members in improving their knowledge through the delivery of webinars and other formats. Our Fairs will always allow guests to find resources to build their businesses. Alongside the rest of our brands delivering material, like the Jewellers Podcast, The Jewellery Industry Summit, and the JIN portal, we are a daily resource for different information and educational material. This year, we have a truly significant addition to our suite of brands, The Centre Sydney, which is a physical location allowing jewellers to come in for workshops, industry materials, and so much more. As far as we know, The Centre Sydney will be the first industry centre the Australian market has had that allows all industry sectors to come and find support.

Can you highlight successful collaborations or partnerships that made a positive impact at the Fair in 2023, and what collaborative projects or partnerships are in the pipeline for 2024?

The Melbourne and Sydney Fairs have had some wonderful support from our industry partners. These partners have assisted us in bringing some of our speakers to Australia from overseas, and some have added amazing and interesting activations for guests to enjoy. We have such great relationships with so many businesses that share our values and a strong sense of service to the industry, and these will continue into 2024. Some of these projects will be released in the months to come.  

As the industry evolves, what message of encouragement or advice do you have for individuals and businesses seeking to be part of the positive changes and achievements in the jewellery sector through their participation in the Jewellery Industry Fair and the Jewellery Industry Network’s work in 2024?

The year ahead will be interesting for the Australian market as the dynamics of the jewellery consumer and supply chains shift and change. But jewellery will always be one of the most beautiful and popular ways for wearers to express themselves, their love, and their individuality, for that reason, the industry will always thrive, especially when we all work together to achieve amazing things for the overall benefit of the industry. As part of our mission, we are dedicated to sharing the positive work that companies around Australia are doing. In 2024, we invite you to reach out to us so that we can add your offering to the Network and share it with more people in the industry.

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