Australian actor Sam Corlett raises funds for homeless charity with jewellery

Australian actor and artist Sam Corlett has joined forces with the jewellery company, Merchants of the Sun, to raise a commendable $10,100 for StreetSmart Australia, a national homeless charity.

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In a heartwarming collaboration, Australian actor and artist Sam Corlett has joined forces with the jewellery company, Merchants of the Sun, to raise a commendable $10,100 for StreetSmart Australia, a national homeless charity. The generous donation aims to support essential grassroots community services for individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Sam Corlett was inspired to initiate this collaboration due to his personal connection to homelessness. Having experienced a family member living on the streets, Corlett reached out to StreetSmart expressing his admiration for the organisation’s impactful work.

In a heartfelt email to StreetSmart, Corlett shared, “My uncle lived on the streets for many years before he passed away. His memory continues to inspire me, and I am driven to find ways to help those who are experiencing homelessness so that they might find the same hope and support that you provide.”

Corlett, who is also known for designing jewellery under the brand Merchants of the Sun, decided to contribute over 50 percent of the profits from his latest collection to StreetSmart.

Image supplied by StreetSmart Australia

Merchants of the Sun fully backed and launched the initiative to the market, and also donated a further $3.400 to the cause. The combined effort aimed to bolster StreetSmart’s grant-making initiatives, funding various responses to homelessness, including emergency accommodation, food security programs, tenancy support, material aid, youth and young parent support, legal services, and more.

The collaboration, supported by Merchants of the Sun, proved to be a resounding success, with the entire collection selling out and raising over $10,000 for StreetSmart Australia. This significant contribution will directly contribute to making a positive impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Speaking about the collaboration, Sam Corlett reflected, “I played a role recently in an indie film I shot here in Australia. A young man struggling with addiction and his relationship with [his] family. The exploration dropped me into, what felt like, the most sincere connection I’d ever experienced to my late uncle. He wasn’t physically in my life very much, but since his passing, he has served as somewhat of a guide from the other side. I designed these pieces for him. To serve as a reminder of the light that exists within all of us. That light that seems to unite us.”

Image supplied by StreetSmart Australia

StreetSmart Australia, founded in 2003, is a national charity dedicated to mitigating and preventing homelessness. Collaborating with community partners, including shelters, support services, and food outlets, StreetSmart raises funds to provide vital support to those in need.

Homelessness in Australia continues to be a pressing issue, with the latest Census data indicating over 122,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night. Reports show an eight percent increase in homelessness, and there is a massive unmet demand for homelessness support, with 300 people being turned away from Specialist Homelessness Services every day.

For more information about the collaboration between Sam Corlett and Merchants of the Sun, or to support StreetSmart Australia, please visit their websites Merchants of the Sun and StreetSmart Australia.

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