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Laura Moore – Industry Forum 2024

Laura Moore, Managing Director of the Jewellery Industry Network gives her insights into the successes and challenges of 2023 with…

Sydney Shines Bright – Jewellery Industry Fair Thrives

And just like that, the Jewellery Industry Fair in Sydney has come to a close. All the hype, nervousness, and…

Industry Forum 2023: Jewellery Industry Network – Laura Moore, Managing Director

Industry forum, 2023

It’s almost time…

Start off your New Year reconnecting with beloved friends, generating a bunch of new business and creating new and mutually…

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Melbourne Fair Highlights

New generation of events

Trade shows have evolved from a collection of suppliers showing their wares to real powerhouses of connectivity.

Training tomorrows jewellers and gemmologists

What does the future of Australia’s jewellers and gemmologists look like? Jewellery is an industry with an alarming disproportionate representation…

Industry Forum 2022: Jewellery Industry Network – Laura Moore, Managing Director

The highs and lows of 2021