New generation of events

Trade shows have evolved from a collection of suppliers showing their wares to real powerhouses of connectivity.

The next generation of fairs are designed to feed your mind and grow your business – and truly energise this industry we all love.

Imagine a beautiful sunny day, a white marquee on fresh green grass. You’re greeted with a warm smile, a glass of bubbles and a showbag full of goodies. Walk into a stunning venue full of beautiful jewellery, impressive gems and wonderful industry people. It’s a bright and inviting space that you won’t want to leave. You’re at the Jewellery Industry Fair in Melbourne, and dates are set for the 2023 event.

Jewellery Industry Fair Timber Yard, Melbourne 4–5 February, 2023.

On 4–5 February, 2023, you can attend a trade fair that has been deemed a ‘not to miss’ event. A show that brings ‘style and professionalism to the industry.’

The events industry in general has faced a very real shake up in recent years, and not just because of COVID. The pandemic, of course, brought many events to a standstill, but the real challenge for events has been the same as it has been for many years – staying relevant, informative and engaging for their guests. Events cannot stagnate. The minute they do, they lose the interest of their participants and, therefore, foot traffic.

Industry events should inspire, engage and allow guests to be transported into a space which kindles their curiosity, that feeds their motivation and allows them to build their business in a way which suits them and their own needs.

Determined to model a new breed of trade event, the Jewellery Industry Fair in Melbourne 2022 set out to do exactly that –to provide a space which would impress and engage its guests. On top of that, the event aimed to be the perfect platform to facilitate business.

Suffice to say, the event surpassed expectations and energised even the most jaded attendees. Guests were able to find new and existing suppliers and the buzz in the room was electric!

‘Not in my wildest dreams did I expect to be so busy, and to do so well, and still to have received calls after the fair from customers who could not get near our stand.’ – Ikecho

After the incredible feedback from guests and exhibitors alike, the Jewellery Industry Network will be running the Jewellery Industry Fair for Melbourne again at the beginning of February. But this time, there will be even more amazing experiences to take part in.

With small surprises around every corner, guests can immerse themselves in the elegant luxury of the industry and do business over two days. There will be opportunities to connect, find fair specials, place orders for the year ahead and set up ranges for the 2023 year.

Event organisers have announced that, in addition to the event being open to all industry members, the Jewellery Industry Fair will be removing even more barriers to attend by providing a corporate creche program for business owners who are also parents. Providing an equal opportunity to attend and noting the increasingly large number of guests and exhibitors with young children, the Jewellery Industry Network is committed to ensuring that all guests are given the ability to grow their business at the fair, uninterrupted.

We come together on our common interest. We grow strong on our differences.

All around the world, events are changing. A new generation of events allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the experience, where event organisers are integrating the pre-event experience with the actual event and even post-event follow up. Digital tools allow guests to be fully aware of what to expect, who they will see, and what they can experience at each event. Along with this, event organisers all over the world understand the need to provide their guests with something different, something worthy of their time to visit, and an event that will be remembered and talked about.

The Jewellery Industry Network continues to push boundaries and believes that it is the responsibility of event organisers to provide the industry with new and innovative experiences. Taking the lead from events like VicenzaOro and Milano Jewelry Week, the Jewellery Industry Fair will be a luxurious event that all members of the jewellery industry are welcome to attend.

‘My compliments to JIN for the number of attendees at the Melbourne show. They certainly worked hard to ensure the turnout was bigger than most suppliers expected.’ – JC Jewels

The next Jewellery Industry Fairs promise to be even more exciting and engaging year on year. Visit the Jewellery Industry Fair website to find out more about event inclusions including the evening cocktail party and more.

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