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With Trollbeads’ return to the Australian market, it is important for the brand to carry over their existing passion and responsibilities they have maintained since…

With Trollbeads’ return to the Australian market, it is important for the brand to carry over their existing passion and responsibilities they have maintained since their inception. Trollbeads believe in two things: operating from the heart and maintaining their social responsibility. Creating meaningful art goes beyond producing pieces for purchase. Meaning is created when brands like Trollbeads bring communities together and now their light of positivity is shining down under. Carrying on that passion and responsibility is Eva Engelaer, Trollbeads’ wholesale manager. Eva brings a long history of global wholesale experience, selling both fashion and fine jewellery for international brands.

With her knowledge and experience, Eva is highly motivated, not only to place the brand into the right locations but to give full support to stockists. “I managed my first retail store at seventeen years old and I’ve been in retail and wholesale since then, so I have lifetime’s experience,” Eva says. That extensive knowledge spans more than thirty years. “The opportunity to work with such an inspiring brand as Trollbeads has certainly put a spring in my step. The whole concept is magical from production to consumer and it would not be possible without dedicated stores being part of the Trollbeads family.” Each Trollbead is a collectible and unique piece, usually chosen for its meaning and resonance with the consumer. Trollbeads buyers tend to become avid fans, collecting beads over years, using them to build their life stories into the jewellery they wear and then interchanging the beads as their stories develop. It’s a different kind of retailing — more personal, more involved, and hopefully, more rewarding for the retailer.

In 2005, Trollbeads founders, Lise and Peter Aagaard set up their first workshop in Dharamsala, northern India with aims to aid and support Tibetan refugees. This non-for-profit program allowed refugees to come to the workshop and learn how to make glass beads. These micro-enterprises were then given to the communities to run, thus empowering the people to work and earn a living for themselves. Through passion and dedication for helping others, Trollbeads Uniques collection was born. Uniques are the one-of-a-kind beads created in the Trollbeads workshops in India and Malawi and are sold worldwide. These micro-enterprises give the people creative freedom which is what makes these pieces so special and individually different every time. Trollbeads says, “To teach those in need to make glass beads [gives] them an opportunity to express themselves and create art.” The Uniques give the wearer an opportunity to add to their personal collection and their own story of beads with highly desirable, collectible and one-of-a-kind beads made by these creative workers. This is a great way to give back and have a reminder of how precious the gift of giving and creative expression really is.

For more information or to enquire about becoming an authorised reseller of Trollbeads, please contact Eva on 0498 379 304 or

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