Trollbeads returns to Australia

People are excited to welcome back Trollbeads to Australia. The well-established brand has ventured back to support retailers of Australia with their top-tier bead selection.…

People are excited to welcome back Trollbeads to Australia. The well-established brand has ventured back to support retailers of Australia with their top-tier bead selection. From its inception in Denmark to endeavouring all over the globe, Trollbeads believe that each story has a bead and their selection tells beautiful tales. 

Trollbeads allows everyone to customise their jewellery to fit their taste, personality, memories, and stories. The astute bead-on-bracelet concept by Danish jeweller, Lise Aagaard is desired and appreciated by all its wearers and their relaunch into Australia will only increase that desire. 

Danish expat, Mikkel Monberg and his Australian business partner, Jono Gelfand are delighted to bring the market back to Down Under. It has been two years since Trollbeads Australia began and it is still in its growth phase. “There are still a lot of consumers that don’t know the brand,” Mikkel says. “Once they encounter the brand and they start interacting with the brand, they become very addicted to thebrand because it’s not just buying a piece of jewellery,” he adds. “ It’s so much more than that because it’s so emotional. Every bead has a story, so people are very particular and personal in choosing what they want to collect, and it creates and fosters an incredible community.” 

The Trollbeads market spans over 35 countries in over 4000 stores and now spreading across Australia in all states. To establish good partners, Trollbeads will only be available to a limited number of retailers. Those interested in the brand will need to make haste if they wish to carry it in their stores. The new team behind the relaunch of Trollbeads are energetic, enthusiastic and committed to providing long-lasting relationships with like-minded retailers. Jono Gelfand, co-chief executive officer of Trollbeads Australia has a focus on building great relationships, marketing the brand, supporting retailers and a major emphasis on ensuring everyone has fun with Trollbeads as a brand, whether you are a seller or a consumer. 

There is so much fun to be had interacting with customers and helping them build their own real life story through choosing the exact beads that relates to them or through a life changing event or occasion. It is not only an experience for the customer but also a bonding opportunity between sales staff and the consumer. Industry retailers are invited to join the Trollbeads family by securing their area as stockists of the brand. “We do not want to saturate any area therefore we are looking and inviting retailers to express an interest in becoming a part of the growth of the Trollbeads family here in Australia,” Jono says. “We have an exciting product with great returns for the stockists along with our great team to back them and with new product launches from head office in Denmark on a regular basis there is always something to bring the customer back into store for more,” Jono adds. 

Retailers of Australia, there is no time to waste. It’s time to look at all the possibilities Trollbeads can offer you and your customers. You can find Trollbeads at or by contacting Eva Engelaer on 0498 379 304.

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