Update for JAA Members and the Trade

And just like that, we are into the year’s second quarter. This year looks to be a turbulent one with the possibility of more interest…

And just like that, we are into the year’s second quarter. This year looks to be a turbulent one with the possibility of more interest rate hikes, while inflation continues to take its toll on our pockets. Hopefully, Australia can avoid a potential recession. The word around the trade is that business has slowed, so it’s not just you. It looks like 2023 should be head down and bottom up. On the other hand, there is potential, as one member told me, “People are still shopping as well as getting engaged.”

While we’d prefer not to continue with sombre news, we must note how heartbreaking it is to hear about robberies and break-ins. They are an unfortunate reminder that in our trade, we must always be vigilant and ensure we have sufficient security measures and adequate insurance cover. It seems that one thing that has happened to the trade since the beginning of the pandemic, many more jewellers are now working from home for its convenience and overhead savings. However, now may be time to re-evaluate and weigh up the pros and cons, especially if you live with family. We are by no means suggesting to not work from home. Rather, we stress the need to increase your home security and limit the personal information you post online. Check doors and gates, install cameras and use a safe. Ensure you have a monitored alarm that can alert authorities. Working from home as a jeweller needs to be treated as if your workplace is a jewellery store. 

On a lighter note, we have announced our JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards program for 2023. Head to jaa.com.au/awards for the full details. Entries are due 17 July and there are great prizes to be won including a trip to the 2024 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for the talented jeweller who will be crowned JAA Jeweller of the Year. 

Finally, we the JAA are always here to help our members and the wider jewellery industry wherever we can. Please contact us for membership options as well as any assistance one may need, and we will aim to assist or direct you to the relevant person or organisation. Lastly, our webinars have started again with two successful ones so far this year. Please keep your eyes out for the coming webinars by visiting jaa.com.au/informed.

The JAA Board of Directors wish everyone a safe Easter break and a fruitful April trade.  

JAA Board

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