Precious Metals

Good as Gold – A discussion with the precious metals industry about sustainability

The precious metals industry is multifaceted, encompassing numerous stages and processes. From mining, extraction, and refining to product fabrication and…

The 2022 Palloys Christmas Wrap-up

What better way to send off yet another busy year than with all of Palloys, all in one place? As…

The art of precious metals

As a part of Palloys’ wide range of products and services, we offer a state-of-the-art fabricated metals range and production…

Palloys Points: Recycled precious metals vs. ethically sourced precious metals

‘Recycled’ and ‘green’ are terms that often dominate discussions about ethically sustainable precious metals or jewellery.

Precious metals and gems welcome the dark side

Jacqueline Cullen Whitby Jet with Black and White DiamondsBright and shiny with light and clarity comes to mind when talking…

Palloys opens Perth office

Palloys Group has opened a new state-of-the-art office in Perth with ABC Bullion.
Jewellery making a ring with gemstone in workshop

Standards Australia launches Millesimal System

Standards Australia has introduced two new standards for gold, silver, rolled gold and plated jewellery in Australia.