The 2022 Palloys Christmas Wrap-up

What better way to send off yet another busy year than with all of Palloys, all in one place? As Christmas and the New Year…

What better way to send off yet another busy year than with all of Palloys, all in one place? As Christmas and the New Year get closer and closer, Palloys is wrapping up not only our gifts, but also some of this year’s highlights and favourite memories. You might even recognise some of our staff from their earlier articles in Jewellery World.

Production/Fabricated metals – Ben Pearce

Has Palloys implemented any new technologies or processes this year?

This year, we got our laser cutter up and running, which is a real game changer. Jobs that would take hours to cut by hand are now completed in a matter of minutes. The best thing for our customers is that they don’t have all the scrap to deal with. We also now have a new formula for Argentium, which has improved workability and eliminated issues that were present in the old alloy – it can now be treated just like sterling silver when annealing and soldering, while maintaining its anti-tarnish properties.

What metals have been the most popular in 2022?

By volume, sterling silver far outweighs all other alloys, though there has been an increase in fine silver wire and sheet sales as well. Platinum alloy volumes have increased significantly due to the price of platinum dropping making it comparable to working in white golds.

What has surprised you this year?

We have seen a big increase in our 9ct / sterling bonded sheet sales. I’m not quite sure why we’re seeing this trend, but as someone who likes this type of product, it is good to see. It’ll be interesting to look at this time retroactively and investigate what is causing this uptick in these sales.

Who gives the best gifts in the team?

John Tann is extremely generous. John is always there when needed, and a very reliable member of the team.

Customer Service – Adriana Daleris

What’s been the best moment for 2022 for Customer Service?

It’s been special for us to be acknowledged in the latest article of Jewellery World. I’m so incredibly proud of my team and the fact they give 100 percent every day. 2022 has been triumphant for CS and we’ll continue to strive to ensure that we are the best at what we do.

What have been some best sellers this year?

We’ve seen many new clients coming on board through our Design Team and a huge increase in Livadi enquiries with this reflecting against their sales.

What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

Firstly, catching up with my team and hearing all about the exciting things they got up to on their break. 2023 for CS is going to be a year of growth and celebrating success. With a specific shift to onboarding new clients and helping our existing clients increase their volume with Palloys, we look forward to engaging with these clients and seeing our hard work come to fruition.

How does Customer Service celebrate Christmas/New Year?

We love a reason to celebrate! December for Customer Service is usually filled with decorations and anything edible with an association to Christmas.

This time of year is really special for the team, as it’s when we receive gifts from clients acknowledging our efforts. We’re also extremely spoilt by Pallion with their epic Christmas party, and super generous gifts.

CAD/CAM – Sophie Kim

How has CAD/CAM evolved this year?

The CAD/CAM team has taken a full turn into becoming the biggest team yet. We are a power team full of knowledge and understanding. We’ve worked extremely hard into streamlining manufacturing the quickest and best it can. With strategic planning and multiple training events, the team has evolved immensely – working towards becoming the best in the industry.

What have been some of your strengths in 2022?

We have been able to expand our capacity and resources through the year which helped us strengthen our product quality and working speed. The CAD/CAM department has become plentiful in resources both people and machinery in the year 2022 and striving to take capacity like never before.

What are you looking forward to next year?

With improvements being made, especially in the interfaces we use every day for our computerised systems, we are looking forward to big changes and updates which our clients will see a huge impact and benefit from.

What’s your favourite way to celebrate the end of year?

The CAD/CAM team work together in parallel – similar but different. We work very closely together, and nothing beats an end of year get together to have a moment of bonding outside of the work environment. Work morality and team support is one of our strong beliefs and we work hard to maintain our spot as ‘the best department in the company.’

Palloys is extremely excited to see what 2023 brings to our workshop – with every new year comes new innovations, designs and opportunities to grow. We can’t wait to be bigger and better in the New Year!

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