Palloys points: Where does your gold come from? Know your supplier

PALLOYS POINTSChris Botha,Operations Manager, Jewellery DivisionPalloys Before your jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier even begins to fabricate your precious metals or casts your jewellery prints…

Chris Botha,
Operations Manager, Jewellery Division

Before your jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier even begins to fabricate your precious metals or casts your jewellery prints the gold is found, mined, melted, refined, quality assured and then granulated.

It’s a lengthy process, with many components that need to be considered before purchasing the final product. First and foremost, where does the gold come from?

Why is it important to know where the gold comes from?

It is no secret that “sustainability”, “ethical sourcing” and “Australian” are buzz words within the jewellery industry. Jewellery customers, especially millennials, are increasingly interested in where their jewellery is made and where the materials have been sourced. Whether driven by a growing sense of responsibility for the environment or working conditions, today’s customers really care. They are buying more than just a ring, or pendant. They understand that their purchase is the result of a supply chain and capable of real change.

To build brand trust and reputation as a jeweller, ethical sourcing and traceability of your precious metals should be of upmost importance. Especially when choosing a precious metals supplier. The onus on the trade should be to ensure the sourcing of the product is ethical, the process to produce it is green and that the entire value chain is certified, with open traceability. The choices you make can affect positive change in the industry and beyond.

Why is Palloys different?

Palloys is unique in the industry because it is a Pallion company. It forms the jewellery division of larger Pallion group, Australasia’s largest precious metal services group and a real Australian manufacturing success story. Pallion brings together a group of leading precious metals brands including Palloys and ABC Refinery.

All Palloys metals and refining services are completed by ABC Refinery, the largest independent precious metal refining facility in Australasia and Australia’s only independent LBMA, SGE and COMEX accredited refinery supported by Australia’s only NATA, IEC, SA and ILAC accredited refining laboratory.

With ABC Refinery as Palloys’ exclusive refiner we can boast the industry’s most transparent supply chain and the largest zero-emission refining capacity in the world. In addition to being accredited members of these leading international organisations, Palloys benefits from ABC Refinery sourcing the majority of their precious metal supply from Australia – one of the most regulated primary metals sources globally.

In this way, Palloys is Australia’s only jewellery manufacturer that can trace its precious metal supply directly to its primary source. We know exactly where our gold comes from and can guarantee it is sourced from ethical, Australian mines.

Australian mines send us doré bars and then the refining process begins. Today, ABC Refinery is the benchmark in Australian precious metal processing, employing aqua regia, electrolytic, chlorination and acid less separation (ALS) refining methodologies. A unique refining process that utilises no hazardous chemicals, relying solely on heat and pressure to purify gold and silver. ABC Refinery is committed to refining green gold. ABC Refinery is the only refinery in Australia that has implemented this refining technology.

Our stringent sourcing guidelines, transparency in the procurement of precious metals and devising innovative ways of making this information available to customers only increases confidence and trust.

Palloys and ABC Refinery are both focused on exceeding the highest international environmental, community, health and industry standards in the transparent supply of Considerate Precious Metals.