Ellani Collections

Ellani Collections – contemporary designs set to impress

Ellani Collections, featured on our cover this month, are creators of fine jewellery with a passion for fashionably styling the…

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November, 2022

Ellani Collections – jewellery designed for the modern woman

Ellani Collections, featured on our cover this month, offers exquisitely designed jewellery, with a focus on superior quality, materials and…

Metal revolt: The modern and durable alternative metal jewellery industry

Gold, silver and platinum will always have the strongest presence in the modern jewellery industry, so their cousins in the…

Making Mother’s Day an all year event

by Kirsten Ehrlich Davies

The silver lining in a recession year is… silver!

A combination of factors has contributed to silver’s surge in this year of economic upheaval. Government handouts, the rising price…

Ellani Collections

Ellani Collections The Ellani Collections 2017 Spring Summer release is now available and has been selling through very well for…