Making Mother’s Day an all year event

by Kirsten Ehrlich Davies
Stock up early

Mother’s Day is not until May, but jewellery retailers need to plan ahead so the right stock is on hand – which means wholesalers and designers need to plan even further ahead. So what are some tips for preparing a selection of jewellery that will appeal to a wide range of families, and draw customers back for their next special occasion?

There are multiple good reasons to order your Mother’s Day stock well in advance. Paul Hicks from Ellani Collections says that the jewellery industry has seen large increases in sales for the back end of last year and the momentum continues to rise.

“With many people unable to travel overseas combined with low interest rates, many consumers are spending their extra disposable income on jewellery purchases,” says Paul. “This looks set to continue into good Mother’s Day sales.”

Ellani Collections provide a versatile range of exquisite jewellery designs, made of 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating or polished surgical grade stainless steel, with some gold-plated options, and featuring freshwater or shell pearls, or cubic zirconias.

Erica Miller, director of Ikecho, says that customers tend to buy much earlier for Mother’s Day than they did in the past. Staying organised also helps deal with unexpected issues.

The extra time is beneficial, says Erica, “if we need to re-string to a custom length for their mums or order a custom piece of jewellery that we don’t have in stock.” Ikecho is an Australian wholesaler of the world’s finest quality pearls, set in exciting and contemporary designs. In 2017, Ikecho (pronounced i-ket-cho) also incorporated opals into their jewellery designs.

Melinda Carey of Georgini also recommends that retailers pick their ranges early “to give customers time and variety in both product and price range for Mother’s Day.

“Georgini provides an eclectic range of designs featuring the finest rhodium plated sterling silver, semi-precious stones and glittering gems.

“There are no rules anymore, so our tip is to be creative and mix it up when selecting both gifts and ranges,” said Melinda.

Best sellers for Mother’s Day

When you are stocking for such an important once-a-year event, it helps to know that you have products that will appeal to your customers. Daniel Bentley of Daniel Bentley Jewellery recommends necklaces, earrings and bracelets, as the buyer won’t need to worry about sizing. Daniel Bentley has over 25 years’ experience as a jewellery designer, handcrafting distinct and timeless pieces to create a range of styles with something to appeal to every customer. His jewellery has been worn by European aristocracy, national leaders and media personalities.

Company director of Jewellery Centre, Ted Pevy says that anything engraved is always special for Mother’s Day, as the engraving adds an extra personal touch.

“At Jewellery Centre, we provide lockets, family pendants, engraving shapes and bangles,” Ted said. “It’s also important to consider affordability for families so children can buy a gift for Mum. Hearts are always a great option.”

The Jewellery Centre is a highly respected wholesale jewellery business, importing and wholesaling gold and silver jewellery from Europe, USA and Asia, to all parts of Australia, New Zealand and most South Pacific countries.

“Gifts that evoke emotion are on trend this Mother’s Day,” says Melinda Carey of Georgini. “Say ‘I love you’ with a heartshaped pendant or a favourite shaped stone to make it extra special. Mother’s Day evokes many emotions, so finding a particular piece that has meaning and is unique to each Mum is the best choice.” Melinda says that “classic forever items” such as a pair of stud earrings or a decadent tennis bracelet are always appreciated. “Our Esteem earrings with a beautiful removable halo, our Always pearl studs or our Selena tennis bracelet are perfect choices.”

The Power of the Jewellery Set

Paul Hicks says that many retailers create special package deals by pairing up a matching earring set with a pendant purchase. This makes a perfect gift for siblings to team up and give to Mum. “Some retailers are capturing consumer email addresses with key dates like birthdays and anniversaries, so the retailer can email them on special occasions to generate interaction and sales.

Ted Pevy says that the Jewellery Centre’s Euro bolt ring chains and bracelets, plus earring and pendant sets are always popular options for Mother’s Day.

“Our website is only available to retailers, so we highly recommend that retailers browse our entire range, particularly on our latest arrivals, so you can order the right stock in plenty of time to promote and sell through displays,” he said.

Daniel Bentley says that jewellery sets give the customer the incentive to come back for another purchase, especially when you choose a design that will remind of the specialness of the day.”

“Some of our clients note that although customers don’t buy the full set – ring, earrings and necklace – in one purchase, they like to know they can come back and buy the next piece in a collection their partner loves,” said Daniel. “This is one of the main reasons why we create a full range of pieces in our collections – it’s for the follow up purchase.”

Daniel Bentley Jewellery has a few collections that have proved particularly popular.

“Our Open Heart collection in silver with aquamarines is very popular as it’s modern and elegant and the heart is recognized as a beautiful symbol of life and love. The most important aspect of this heart design is that it’s open… forever,” Daniel said. “The Wild Iris collection is another popular choice, inspired by the Australian wildflower with a very contemporary shape. The yellow gold diamond stud earrings and Twin Iris bracelet are particularly beautiful modern classics.”

Georgini is releasing a new heart earring and pendant set this Mother’s Day, named Hera, after the Goddess of Women, Marriage and Family. It is a perfect and easy gift for all mothers, and aligns with Georgini’s core focus of offering an affordable luxury to both our retailers and consumers.

Melinda Carey says that Georgini has a wide range of options to create the perfect set for every mum. “We design our pieces to work with each other, so it is easy to select unique items and create a beautiful set or choose designs that perfectly match together.”

Social Media Promotion

Even when customers prefer to shop in a physical store, they tend to window-shop online, so start preparing your social media promotions early. Erica from Ikecho says that having an active online presence has also been extremely beneficial in helping build up a following of repeat customers. “We have noticed that repeat customers will buy through retailers in response to our social media,” she said.

Daniel Bentley says that regularly updated social media content is a valuable way to help retailers promote the supplier’s products.

“We always provide new social media content to be used by our wonderful stockists who often report back that they have many returning Daniel Bentley clients due to the high-quality content.”

Retailers with a versatile range of jewellery products, well-organised promotional displays and the option of streamlined online purchasing, have everything they need to attract customers on Mother’s Day and draw them back again for other special events throughout the year.