Ellani Collections —jewellery designed for the modern woman

Ellani Collections, featured on our cover this month, offers exquisitely designed jewellery, with a focus on superior quality, materials and style.

Showcasing their passion for inspiring and capturing unforgettable moments, Ellani Collections are designed for the fashion-forward, modern woman. The brand presents pieces that inspire confidence and pleasure, designed from high quality materials for any number of occasions in a woman’s life.

Ellani Collections distribute two seasonal new releases every year. Early in the year, the first release is autumn/winter, and mid-year there is a spring/summer release.

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“Release dates are to coincide with retailers looking to replace stock after Christmas sales and prepare for the busy spring/ Christmas selling season mid-year,” explains director Paul Hicks.

Ellani Collections is well-regarded for being on trend with the latest designs and colours to ensure their retail partners are meeting consumer demand.

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“Being locally designed, the brand has the ability to adapt and pivot quickly to the changing market trends,” adds Paul.

This close connection to local trends means that Ellani stockists are advantaged by never having to sell products designed for overseas markets.

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The materials used in Ellani Collections range from 925 sterling silver with yellow and rose gold plating, allowing the luxurious appearance of fine jewellery at an accessible price point.

There is also a steel range of jewellery with IP plating, which is polished surgical grade allowing for a delicate and fine finish.

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“Ellani Collections prides itself in the quality and finish of its designs … and has a reputation of over two decades, partnering with the best independent jewellers in Australia and New Zealand,” says Paul.

Ellani Collections is well recognised in the industry. The range carries versatile jewellery for many special occasions and has been designed to complement and elevate any outfit by encapsulating modern trends and inspiring inner confidence.

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