Tony Enriquez – Industry Forum 2024

Tony Enriquez, Managing Director of Showcase Jewellers gives his insights into the successes and challenges of 2023 with hopes for the 2024 year.

Written by Jewellery World

Tony Enriquez
Managing Director, Showcase Jewellers

Showcase Jewellers has evolved significantly since its inception in 1981. What would you consider the most transformative changes or innovations within the group that have positively impacted Showcase Jewellers and its members?

The world is so much more interconnected, and knowledge is accessible to anyone who cares to click on the internet. At Showcase, we have been at the forefront of capitalising on these digital changes.

There have been benefits for our members because of the impact of digital changes: they have translated new techniques to bring to life jewellery designs that 43 years ago would not have been possible and at a price within reach of the majority of their customers.

Marketing—and digital marketing support in particular—has been available to our members for years now. We provide a range of digital business services to further provide members with the tools to be the best and most profitable jewellers in their area.

We recently introduced a state-of-the-art jewellery portal to cater to the evolving needs of our valued members and their customers. This platform provides a seamless and easy-to-navigate shopping experience, showcasing a stunning array of exquisite jewellery pieces.

In line with our customer-centric focus, we have invested in upgrading our website to provide a more user-friendly interface. The integration with Shopify and Retail Edge enables smoother transactions and improved accessibility for our members.

Can you highlight a specific training program or initiative implemented by Showcase Jewellers that has received positive feedback from members and contributed to their professional development?

We offer members specific training through industry experts in the area that they wish to enhance, such as diamond training, locally and internationally, general sales training in-store, plus business-focused training for owners and staff.

For example, the business development and digital marketing training at our recent conference were particularly well received. The Retirement Planning and Managing in All Markets presentation was engaging and thought-provoking, helping members prepare for the future of their businesses.

Showcase members also learnt much from the excellent digital marketing workshop at our conference on targeting, optimising traffic to social sites, capturing visitors’ imagination, creating quality content, engaging audiences, the steps to profitable digital marketing, effective advertising, qualified lead generation/conversion, and so much more.

Showcase Jewellers has a presence both locally and internationally. How has this global reach benefited members, and are there any cross-border collaborations or success stories that stand out from 2023?

Showcase has a presence in the Australasia region, and we have developed systems that seamlessly connect all our members no matter where they are. For the members in the international markets, this has allowed them to benefit from industry-leading suppliers’ products and pricing. 

This is a strength for the group that cannot be matched by individual businesses and it’s this collaboration that has enabled all our members to benefit. 

Can you share examples of how Showcase Jewellers fosters collaboration among its members, leading to shared successes or joint initiatives?

Showcase has a digital presence that encompasses and supports all its members. The Inner Circle is a circle of members in the digital space, [and] any within the group can access assistance instantly. For example, if a member has a customer who requires a specific item, that member can reach out to all the members instantly who may have that item. Not being a Showcase member would make this impossible.

Our conferences also bring members together for face-to-face discussions, networking, as well as learning opportunities. 

Looking back at 2023, are there any particular challenges the jewellery industry faced that Showcase Jewellers actively addressed or helped its members navigate? How did the group contribute to the resilience of its members in a challenging market?

The 2023 year was challenging in a number of ways. Initially, there was a sense that COVID-19 was behind us, that the world would return to ‘normality.’ However, there is now a ‘new normal’ which we’ve all had to deal with. This is a world of rising prices through inflation, rising interest rates, turmoil due to conflicts around the world, knowledgeable staff shortages, and supply chain issues that are only now being resolved.

To help our members through these challenges, we have expanded our range of products they can access, plus developed new digital marketing strategies that members can take advantage of.

The Showcase Jewellers’ trip to Antwerp, Belgium, and Switzerland in 2023 gave our Showcase members’ group a unique opportunity to gain from industry experts sharing their knowledge and expertise, as well as hearing about other members’ experiences. 

The group gained insights into the latest jewellery trends and craftsmanship techniques, exciting them about what they may be able to do in their own environments in Australia—everything from the display to new jewellery ideas.

The experiences and insights gained not only deepened the groups’ appreciation for our industry but also highlighted the commitment of jewellery professionals to advancing their craft while continuing to successfully integrate traditions and innovations in technology to ensure the future of this business will continue to strengthen for many more generations.

Looking ahead to 2024, what broader industry trends or shifts do you foresee, and how does Showcase Jewellers plan to position its members to capitalise on emerging opportunities or navigate potential challenges?

We foresee a further rationalisation of the industry and increased competition because of digital marketing, leading to a need for greater professionalism. Ongoing training and staff development will help support and strengthen member businesses.

Showcase is future-focussed. We understand that challenges are a part of any dynamic business environment, and our ability to adapt and innovate will be crucial in ensuring sustained growth. Our management team remains committed to meeting market demands and delivering exceptional products and services to support our members’ success, plus create long-term value for all stakeholders.

Our business restructure will ease compliance pressures and improve member interactions plus the name change to Showcase Jewellers Group Ltd will capitalise on and enhance the organisation’s branding and strong positioning—not just in 2024 but into the future. 

Being a part of the Showcase group offers many benefits to our members. By accessing industry-leading products and services and training to capitalise on current trends, Showcase members can continue to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

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