Kalleh Levonian – Industry Forum 2024

Kalleh Levonian, Director of KL Diamonds gives his insights into the successes and challenges of 2023 with hopes for the 2024 year.

Written by Jewellery World

Kalleh Levonian
Director, KL Diamonds

Reflecting on 2023, can you share some notable successes for KL Diamonds during the year? What initiatives or strategies worked particularly well in terms of business development and growth? 

As always, the client comes first. Our unwavering focus on their needs and their resulting satisfaction is our success. 2023 was no different in that regard. We have maintained our existing client base and have been grateful enough to have gained a number of new clients throughout the year. Our return clients are content with the level of quality and service that we provide. We have some existing clients who have remained with us since the beginning of KL Diamonds—that, to me, is the greatest success and accolade.

What were some of the key challenges KL Diamonds faced in 2023, and how did the company overcome or navigate them?  

In the world of jewellery and diamonds, it’s normal to experience ups and downs. It’s how we manage and overcome these challenges that truly matters. The last few years have been especially trying for many businesses and entrepreneurs. Learning how to navigate through these times, helps build resilience and tenacity, now and in the future. We are thankful that we have been able to maintain our business and build on areas of growth. Our secret has been maintaining focus on the best interests and needs of our clients. In challenging and changing times, we move and adapt to their changing needs.

In terms of bespoke jewellery featuring Argyle diamonds, what were some of the most successful or unique pieces created for clients in 2023? How does KL Diamonds continue to innovate in the domain of custom-made jewellery? 

We made some really interesting blue and pink pieces last year—not just selling the stones to investors, but we also had some people who were interested in buying a particular diamond, and then they came in to turn their purchase into a remarkable piece of beauty. We helped each of them create a special design that means they not only enjoy their jewellery on a day-to-day basis but also hold a unique investment for the future. Everyone’s happy. 

In 2023, how did the company further enhance its commitment to ethical practices, and what positive impacts did this have on your brand and customer relationships? 

We always have and always will trade with ethical practices in mind. We only deal with ethical partners, including ABC Gold, Perth Mint and Argyle Diamonds. We have an inherent desire to look after and trade with people who are conscious of and strive only for ethical outcomes. It’s been a strong compass for us in the past and will no doubt continue to guide our decisions and business actions in the future. 

Looking at the broader market, were there any shifts or trends in the demand for coloured diamonds in 2023? How did KL Diamonds respond to these market dynamics, and were there any surprises or notable developments? 

I would say that there was an increase in the demand for coloured diamonds in 2023. Sometimes the amount of time it took to convert the sale was potentially a little longer than usual, but certainly, the interest was still strong and genuine.

As KL Diamonds continues to be a leader in the industry, what strategies or initiatives are planned for 2024 to maintain and elevate the company’s position? 

In the dynamic landscape of jewellery, the strategic cycle of our business plays a pivotal role in shaping its direction, growth, and sustainability. Our executed strategies in this trying game have enabled us to navigate through various phases, adapt to changing trends, and ultimately achieve long-term success. It’s really a moving target all the time—even within one year, our plans and strategies need adjusting. It’s really a series of experienced interconnected decisions on what is crucial for our business survival and competitiveness in the market. 

Considering the unique challenges and successes of 2023, how does KL Diamonds plan to leverage these experiences to set the stage for a successful and impactful 2024? 

In 2024, we plan to continue diversifying all products and services, as we have learnt that we definitely need to cover all our bases in this industry, and we need to cover them well. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in diamonds (including lab-grown), all gemstones, all gold, precious metals, and old and new techniques. We have gained these over 30 years, yet we are still learning and developing ways to obtain new mastery every day, that’s for sure.

In terms of customer satisfaction and service, what are some initiatives planned for 2024 to enhance the overall experience for KL Diamonds’ clients, both in Australia and worldwide? 

We are continuously trying to improve internal systems and processes to help productivity and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction. As a team, we each have our own internal to-do’s, that ultimately integrate, and everyone understands their role. We all work exceptionally well together. That makes a huge difference. We plan to keep up the same outstanding initiatives while maintaining our client’s best interests at heart.

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