Heart of Australia

Some of the rarest and most coveted diamonds and gemstones in the world are found right here, on our doorstep. The Argyle Pink Diamonds of…

Some of the rarest and most coveted diamonds and gemstones in the world are found right here, on our doorstep. The Argyle Pink Diamonds of the Kimberley Region in Western Australia are a unique icon, synonymous with the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the distinctive characteristics that contribute to their stunning colour.

Across the country in the regions of Lightning Ridge New South Wales or Coober Pedy in South Australia, is the thriving opal industry. Contributing to 95 percent of the world’s precious opals, Australia has a reputation of being home to the most extraordinary and expensive opals in the world. 

Together, these two iconic and exceptional stones are the heart of Australia’s beautiful natural environment and thriving gemstone industry.

Jamie Thomas, Marketing and Social Media Manager of Sams Group, attributes Australia’s powerful emotional connection with Opal to the Dreamtime stories of the Aboriginal people.

1/3 Kimberley Black Opal Ring: SKU: SPR-ODSBOP006. 18ct Rose & White Gold = 7.95gm. Black Opal Other Cut 1 = 2.20ct. Pink Round Brilliant Cut 26 = 0.17ct 5P/SIAV. Oval Cut 13 = 1.19ct F/VS. Round Brilliant Cut 14 = 0.30ct F/VS

“In the Indigenous Dreamtime stories, the colours of the Opal came to be when a rainbow touched the earth, making it an important symbol of Australia, known to Indigenous Australians as the fire of the desert,” says Jamie.

“The beauty and luxury of Argyle pink diamonds is enhanced when paired with Australian Opals, largely due to the historical significance of both stones, with Opals being Australia’s national gemstone.”

The demand for this combination and its unparalleled beauty is felt through the international market and reveled for its rarity.

“International consumers love and appreciate the combination as it is unique and not seen widely across the market. It’s something they seek out as a point of difference from their own domestic jewellery businesses, with Black Opals found exclusively within Australia,” says Jamie.

2/3 Kimberley Black Opal Ring. SKU: SPR-ODSBOP003. 18ct Rose & White Gold = 8.09gm. Black Opal Oval Cut 1 = 1.66ct. Pink Round Brilliant Cut 16 = 0.38ct 5PP/SIAV. Round Brilliant Cut 32 = 1.29ct F/VS

Love and adoration of this combination is particularly felt in Japan, where the vivid colour range catches the market’s interest.

“The Japanese market is fascinated by this collection. Australian products, especially precious gemstones are also growing in popularity internationally as they are rare and not as commercially available as many other stones on a global scale,” Jamie says.

The contrast between the delicate romance of fancy pink diamonds with the striking deep allure of Australian Black Opal allows for both contemporary styles and timeless design classics, complementing the beauty of both stones.

At Sams Group, the in-house design team along with gemmologists and the CEO personally select each stone to be crafted into their jewellery.

“We typically feature clusters of Argyle pink diamonds or one larger pink diamond at the centre of our halo designs, however for a contemporary twist, the Opal is a beautiful addition,” Jamie says.

“In designing these Opal pieces, we have really worked around the beauty of the opal and created unique designs which complement their interesting cuts and shapes,” she adds.

3/3 The Crest of Amana Kimberley Opal Necklace. SKU: SPP-OTDBOP001. 18ct Rose & White Gold = 40.15gm. Boulder Opal Round Brilliant Cut 1 = 16.35ct. Round Brilliant Cut 62 = 0.32ct F/VS. Pink Round Brilliant Cut 43 = 0.91ct 5P/SIAV. Round Brilliant Cut 14 = 2.28ct F/VS. Asscher Cut 14 = 3.24ct F/VS. incl. 18ct White Gold Cable 1.65mm

The demand for this style and combination appears not to be disrupted by trends. Although colourful jewellery is in vogue, the timelessness of diamonds ensures the longevity of the pieces in the luxury market.

“These pieces are appealing due to their uniqueness and unexpected beauty. The bold, striking colours of the Australian Black Opal are offset and made more wearable when complemented by soft pink in Argyle diamonds and the pairing of such iconic Australian products are unparalleled,” says Jamie.

Sams Group understand the importance of designs that outlast trends. Their luxury range, Pink Kimberley, can be worn everyday and still be treasured heirloom pieces passed down through generations.

“Many of our pieces have been inspired by Australian nature and landscapes, with the remaining focussed on subtle beauty and exquisite luxury which can be worn every day or as a statement, occasion piece,” says Jamie.

It is breathtaking to see these two natural, iconic gemstones balance and enhance the other. Replicating the distinctive and varied beauty and colour palette of the Australian outback, these stones are celebrated and treasured nationally and all over the world as the Heart of Australia. 

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