Government oversight leaves opal miners jobless

A critical government oversight dating back to 2015 has abruptly rendered 827 opal miners jobless in a renowned opal mining…

Australian Made

Australia is a rich country with an abundance of natural resources, many of which are instrumental to the jewellery industry
Down to Earth Opals

Down to Earth Opals

and the allure of Lightning Ridge

Heart of Australia

Some of the rarest and most coveted diamonds and gemstones in the world are found right here, on our doorstep.…

Australian Opal Exhibition

The Australian Opal Exhibition returned to the Gold Coast for the first time in almost three years in a great…

Insight into our opal hunters

While a lack of new opal finds, higher fuel prices and more regulation makes life harder for our Aussie opal…

Bespoke fine Australian opal jewellery

Australian fine opal jewellery company, Opal Minded, vertically integrated throughout the entire mine to end-user process, adopts a sustainable approach…

Fractals at their finest – Dendritic Opal

Any gemstone that is recognised for its stress-management properties gets a tick of approval from me, especially one which is…

Opals Australia

Australian  Opal Opals Australia will be exhibiting a traditional range of Australian Opal gold jewellery. Design number ACC006 – Australian Light…

Opal lights up Vivid Festival

This photo of an opal by Robert A. Smith will feature in the OPALessence (play.with.colour) art installation A light art…

Opal shines at 2009 Awards

Australian opals were the big attraction at the 2009 International Opal Jewellery Design Awards in Lightning Ridge.

Governor opens Australian Opal Centre

NSW Governor Marie Bashir officially opened the showroom and office of the Australian Opal Centre in Lightning Ridge last month.