An Interview with Anna Zeibig – Celebrating Sovereignty Through Jewellery

From Europe to Australia, Anna Zeibig stands as a distinctive artist in contemporary jewellery, weaving the theme of sovereignty into her creations.

Written by Jewellery World

From Europe to Australia, Anna Zeibig stands as a distinctive artist in contemporary jewellery, weaving the theme of sovereignty into her creations. As the founder of Anna Zeibig Jewelry, she shares profound insights into her creative process, global influences, and the transformative power of teaching the ancient Japanese wax technique of Mitsuro Hikime.

For Zeibig, the inspiration to explore sovereignty in her jewellery designs is deeply personal. She says, “[Jewellery] really makes me feel empowered and self-confident, so creating jewellery that reflects sovereignty is my way of celebrating individual strength and independence.” She adds, “Sovereignty, to me, means embracing uniqueness. I want my customers to feel empowered and confident, encouraging boldness and self-expression.”

Zeibig’s artistry is marked by the meticulous use of Mitsuro Hikime, which adds a distinct texture to her pieces. She explains, “Most of my creations are made with silver or gold, which I find versatile and beautiful. This wax technique helps me achieve intricate details and a distinct surface quality. I believe these elements enhance the overall appeal of my art.”

Reflecting on her diverse cultural experiences, Zeibig notes how living in Spain, Hungary, and now Australia has enriched her art. “Experiencing diverse cultures broadened my understanding of sovereignty. Each place taught me unique stories and perspectives. Spanish vibrancy infused energy into my work, Budapest’s history influenced depth, and Adelaide’s tranquillity added balance.”

Zeibig’s travels, including the impactful visit to the Schmuck exhibition in Berlin, have exposed her to diverse interpretations and expressions from artists worldwide. “Travelling and exhibiting globally have enriched my art by exposing me to diverse cultures. It’s fascinating to see how other artists interpret and express their concepts. These cultural influences have seeped into my artistic expression, adding layers of meaning and nuance,” she says. 

Supplied by Anna Zeibig Jewelry
Supplied by Anna Zeibig Jewelry

As Zeibig transitioned from the vibrant artistic landscape of Budapest to the serene atmosphere of Adelaide, she found herself invigorated by a fresh wave of inspiration permeating her creative process. Reflecting on this shift, she shared, “Here in Adelaide, I have discovered gorgeous Australian opals and sapphires. Once I have returned to Europe, I will study gemmology,” expressing a deep excitement about the newfound treasures and the potential for further exploration in the field of gemmology upon her return to Europe. The move from one creative hub to another broadened her material palette and underscored the profound influence of geographical environments on artistic expression.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Zeibig is dedicated to teaching the Mitsuro Hikime. In her workshops, she prioritises creating an environment that nurtures individual expression and a deep connection to the creative process. Zeibig emphasises, “The essence of Mitsuro Hikime, with its requirement of a calm mindset, concentration, and acceptance of failure, aligns seamlessly with the theme of sovereignty—empowering individuals to embrace their unique journey in jewellery making.”

Reflecting on her experience as a teacher, Zeibig finds joy in witnessing students unlock their creative potential. “The exchange of knowledge fuels my own growth as a jeweller, prompting me to refine and articulate my techniques. Guiding others through challenges deepens my understanding of the craft, constantly pushing me to evolve.”

As she envisions the future of jewellery education, Zeibig advocates for a holistic approach that goes beyond technical skills. She sees sovereignty playing a crucial role, encouraging students to explore their unique narratives and embrace diverse perspectives. Zeibig anticipates a greater emphasis on sustainability, ethical practices, and global perspectives, shaping emerging jewellers into positive contributors to both the artistic and societal landscapes.

Supplied by Anna Zeibig Jewelry
Supplied by Anna Zeibig Jewelry

Comparing the artistic communities of Budapest and Adelaide, Zeibig notes their distinct yet enriching environments. “In Budapest, the flow between other European countries is constant, and we have a yearly Jewellery Week that brings international people to Budapest. It is very inspiring… In Adelaide’s community, influenced by diverse cultures, I see a very welcoming and friendly group of artists who value and support each other’s work,” she says. 

Zeibig perceives the Australian jewellery industry, particularly in Adelaide, as vibrant and inclusive. She acknowledges a growing emphasis on sustainability, ethical practices, and responsibly sourced materials. The industry, marked by traditional craftsmanship blended with innovative designs, creates a unique space for artists to thrive. Zeibig commends the supportive and friendly community that characterises the Australian jewellery scene.

In her view, the Australian jewellery industry aligns with global commitments to ethical practices, sustainability, and contemporary design. However, it distinguishes itself with a distinct emphasis on cultural diversity, showcasing a strong connection to the vast and diverse landscapes of the country, influencing material choices and design inspirations.

Aside from exploring artistic expression, Anna Zeibig’s journey through jewellery is also a celebration of sovereignty, weaving together diverse influences, and nurturing the next generation of jewellers. As her jewellery continues to evolve across the global landscape, her work continues to capture the essence of empowerment, individuality, and creativity while capturing the essence of empowerment, individuality, and creativity.

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