Is there life on Mars?

Not yet, but there was a recent discovery of opal.  The NASA Curiosity Rover currently on Mars discovered the gemstone…

Opulent Opal

Unique, variable, distinctive, colourful, fiery, vibrant... The words used to describe opal hardly do it justice.
Opal Trail

The opal trail is back in 2022

Re-emerging after a 2-year COVID-induced hibernation, The Opal Trail has returned this year to put on a gem bash like…

Opal theft

Police are investigating the theft of an opal collection, valued at more than half a million dollars, after a home…

Pierre Cardin

Instyle Watches The various flashing and shifting colours within an opal watch will be sure to draw attention. Featuring IPG…

Time running out for opal awards

Time is fast running out to enter the 2015 International Opal Jewellery Design Awards (IOJDA) competition.

Japanese jeweller wins opal award – again

Japanese jeweller Ayano Nakajima has won the major prize at the Queen of Gems Boulder Opal Jewellery Design Awards for…

New horizon for opal grading

Opal Horizon, a Brisbane-based opal mining and wholesaling company, has launched a “globally quantifiable” grading system for Australia’s national gem.  …

Last chance for Opal Awards

Jewellery designers have just two weeks left to enter the 2011 International Boulder Opal Jewellery Design Awards.

AOE celebrates 10th anniversary

Two Australian paintings will be up for grabs at the 10th annual Australian Opal Exhibition in August.

The Bold and the Beautiful

An introductory guide to the world of coloured gemstones by the International Colored Gemstone Association.