Marketing step-by-step

Marketing can feel overwhelming, but breaking it down can make it a little easier. Here is a step-by-step marketing guide…

Authentic diverse marketing in the jewellery industry

It is without a doubt that society’s attitude toward diversity is shifting into a more positive light. Despite consumers’ push…


Address staffing shortages with marketing

Planning for growth: Downtime projects for the jewellery industry

By Laura Moore, Moore Events Director
Carla Liuni

Pandora engages new head of Marketing

Pandora has announced in January that Carla Liuni, formerly vice president of marketing and communication at Bulgari, will join Pandora…

De Beers to make largest investment in diamond marketing since 2008

29 Aug 2017 De Beers Group has announced it will invest more than US$140 million in marketing this year –…

Swarovski set to double advertising spend

Swarovski is planning to double its above-the-line marketing spend in the next two years in a bid to increase its…

Sydney jeweller wins ‘Nipplegate’ saga

Victoria Buckley Jewellery is the big winner in the Facebook 'Nipplegate' scandal with millions of dollars of free publicity.