Address staffing shortages with marketing

The jewellery industry, like all industries, is currently experiencing a large number of job vacancies with limited numbers of quality applicants.

With unemployment at a 48-year low and over 450 jewellery sales positions open nationally on one job platform, you need to be creative in attracting, developing and retaining employees to support the jewellery industry.

As a business owner, is your brand also attractive to potential employees? Marketing and recruiting are intertwined. With marketing, you sell your business to potential customers, and when recruiting, you sell your business to potential employees. To attract the ideal employee, ensure your brand, visions and values are consistent across all online platforms.

A key component of the recruitment process is to review and reflect on the role requirements by undertaking an employee audit. The audit will produce information that will help develop and document a detailed position description that compliments the role advertisement and can be used to gauge applicant suitability and measure the performance and growth of new employees.

Without a clear understanding of the responsibilities, skills and requirements for the role, it’s inevitable that employee and employer expectations will not be aligned. This can lead to a lack of engagement and motivation for the new employee, the team and the business.

Traditionally the jewellery industry was generational, with skills and knowledge passed down within the business as the employees were recruited from the community of loyal and trusted family, friends and clients.

With limited candidates applying for positions online, reaching out to your network of business contacts which may include existing staff, clients and industry partners, can expose a new list of potential candidates interested in an opportunity.

Our industry is gifted with a variety of amazing talent of traditional and creative jewellers, designers, manufacturers and wholesalers who are not currently supported by a skilled sales force. Highlighting that the jewellery industry is an attractive career option should be core to the recruitment process. Do you remember what it was that engaged your interest in a career in the jewellery industry?

When a quality recruitment process meets brands, businesses and people are in tune, it helps everything grow.


Heidi Plentinger

Intune Recruiting


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