Tribe Trading relaunches byBiehl

One year after the closure of Karin Adcock’s House of Brands, Danish jewellery brand byBiehl has been relaunched in Australia by Tribe Trading.Robert Schuyff, managing…

One year after the closure of Karin Adcock’s House of Brands, Danish jewellery brand byBiehl has been relaunched in Australia by Tribe Trading.
Robert Schuyff, managing director of Tribe Trading, said he was very excited to represent byBiehl in Australia and rebuild the brand which had retained ten local stores despite lack of support from a distributor for almost 12 months.

He said Tribe Trading had already discussed its relaunch plans with the existing stockists and would now work closely with them to provide all the support they need and help lift their sales.

In addition the company was looking to further expand the network of “quality jewellery stores” to distribute byBiehl’s collection of sterling silver, 18ct gold-plated sterling silver and leather jewellery.

“In Europe byBiehl is pitched at high-end stores but it is at the bottom of their offering,” he said. “We are planning to do the same here.”

“A lot of customers in high-end jewellery stores aren’t spending as much on luxury items as they used to but are still visiting the stores they love – these are the customers that typically appreciate the quality and unique designs of byBiehl as well as its affordability.”

Schuyff stressed that Tribe Trading, which also distributes Noosa Amsterdam fashion accessories, Pavo Real fashion jewellery and Myomy bags, had no plans to roll out the brand as “quickly as possible”.

“We are going choose the stores we are going to partner with very carefully – in the long term we believe that will be best for the brand, the retailers, the customers and for us.”

ByBiehl was launched in Denmark in 2010 and currently sells in 10 different countries. Charlotte Biehl, the founder and general manager of byBiehl, said the company had “great expectations” for the brand in Australia.

“We know that Australians often like Danish jewellery designs and we get many requests from Australian women,” she said.

“We have many Australian customers who come by our flagship store in Copenhagen when they visit Denmark, so I expect that they will be very pleased to hear that all the new byBiehl designs soon will be available at our Australian retailers.”

Adcock, the former managing director of House of Brands, is equally positive in her appraisal of byBiehl and its potential in the Australian market.
She said she had been working closely with byBiehl to find a “strong distributor who could carry on representing byBiehl in Australia” since the closure of her company.

“ByBiehl is a brand with a lot of opportunity in the Australian market and I am very happy to see that byBiehl has found a great home,” she said.
“I am sure the brand will grow and prosper in the Australian jewellery market.”

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