Thomas Sabo parties at Polo

Thomas Sabo launched its Spring and Summer 2012 collection with a party for around 100 fashion and lifestyle journalists and a handful of local celebrities…
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Thomas Sabo launched its Spring/Summer 2012 collection with a party for around 100 fashion and lifestyle journalists in Sydney on Tuesday.
Thomas Sabo international representative Hanny Freund was also a special guest at the event which was held at the Polo Lounge and also attracted a handful of local celebrities including David Campbell, Luke Jacobz, Laura Dundovic, Axle Whitehead, Kendal Schular, Jaynie Seal, Ed Phillips and Adam Williams.
According to the company, the new collection, called Glam & Soul “reflects the identity of Thomas Sabo”.
“These are not merely the design codes for these fabulous items of jewellery, they are also the perfect descriptions for the Thomas Sabo brand itself.
“Our company’s heartbeat has always been particularly well expressed through music. To this end, rock has been constantly in our soul and now the tone has become just that little bit softer: jazz and soul influences have imbued a modern beat into the new collection.”
The new collection, “a beautiful homage to the most successful Thomas Sabo creations of all times”, reinterprets the brands greatest icons – the skull, starfish, the cross and the winged heart.
* Pictured above at the Thomas Sabo launch party are Laura Dundovic, Jaynie Seal, Luke Jacobz and Adam Williams.