Adcock defends Pandora closures

Pandora Australia president Karin Adcock has defended the company's decision to close "over 100 accounts" in Australia and New Zealand less than 12 months after…
Pandora Australia president Karin Adcock has defended the company’s decision to close “over 100 accounts” in Australia and New Zealand less than 12 months after its closure of around 100 accounts in 2011.
Adcock told Jewellery World that the store closures were part of the company’s strategy “to secure the best possible branded experience” for Pandora customers.
“The accounts we’re working with are committed to Pandora and are enthusiastic advocates of our jewellery,” she said.
“The changes we have made are to protect and secure the customer’s experience of buying Pandora. We want to work with the retail partners who understand the huge potential that remains untapped in this market.”
When asked if she believed that Pandora had treated stockists “fairly” by closing their accounts unexpectedly, Adcock said the company had “always worked tirelessly to provide our retailers with everything they need to be effective in their role as representatives of Pandora”.
“All stockists of Pandora over the years have had the same opportunities to work with us on developing a branded experience for the customer.
“Many of our partners have thrived on this support and they continue to promote the brand in the best way to give our customers a special branded experience when they purchase our jewellery.
“…Others have chosen not embrace the brand in the same way.
“I believe this new strategy is supporting the many retailers who truly have grown with our brand.”
Adcock added that it had been “heartening” to receive a “generally positive response” to the company’s latest strategic shift in its distribution strategy.
“Most business people understand that this will allow us to give the right level of focus to our key business partners as we move forward.
“Having said that it has also been very difficult for some retailers that they can longer stock Pandora as it has been such a large part of their business, and they are not appreciative of the move.”
Adcock said she could not comment on the specific number of account closures or the amount of remaining accounts, but said the company was “in great shape to make the most of the huge potential we have in Australia and New Zealand”.

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