Archer & Holland shuts its doors after 106 years

Archer & Holland, one of Adelaide’s oldest family-owned jewellers, is shutting its doors after a remarkable 106-year journey.

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Archer & Holland, one of Adelaide’s oldest family-owned jewellers, is shutting its doors after a remarkable 106-year journey. Bill Whiting, the great-grandson of co-founder Herbert Holland, and his wife Meredith Whiting have decided to retire and close the doors of their iconic establishment.

Founded in 1918 at the King William Road and Hindley Street intersection, Archer & Holland quickly became synonymous with crafting unique and exquisite pieces, earning a reputation as one of Adelaide’s oldest fine jewellers. Bill and Meredith, at the helm for over four decades, are recognised for their commitment to preserving the art of creating stunning jewellery, offering remodelling services, and expertly handling jewellery repairs.

“With a heavy heart, we’ve come to the decision that it’s time,” Bill Whiting expresses, marking the end of an era for Adelaide. As one of the last remaining master jewellers in the state, Bill has dedicated over 53 years to perfecting the craft of hand-making jewellery.

Archer & Holland shuts its doors after 106 years

Meredith and Bill Whiting. Photo: David Simmons. Source: InDaily.

Bill reflects on the legacy of Archer & Holland, stating, “Over the years, we’ve loved designing pieces to help mark the special moments in people’s lives, such as countless wedding and engagement rings, and have found it an honour to create family heirlooms that have been passed down generations. We thank all our customers for their continued support over the years.”

Archer & Holland boasts a prestigious clientele, including American singer/songwriter Alice Cooper, the Governor of South Australia Francis Adamson, and various sports players and actors. The family also has historical connections with the Royal family.

Bill Whiting, a descendant of the Hollands from Christchurch, New Zealand, recounts the family’s rich history, including the generous opal donation to Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to New Zealand. The family holds cherished photos of Sidney Holland, a former Mayor and Prime Minister of New Zealand, with the Queen and former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The story of Archer & Holland involves its founders, Herbert Archer and Herbert Holland, with the latter buying out the former’s share during the 1930s depression. After Herbert Holland’s passing in 1957, the business was managed by his daughters until Bill and Meredith took over in 1992.

As Archer & Holland prepares to close its doors in the coming months, they are hosting their final sale. For further information, visit

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