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Located in Goulburn, New South Wales, Lucy in the Sky explores the diverse mix of contemporary and traditional beauty that gemstones can portray.

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Lucy in the Sky jewellery. Jeweller in Focus article by The Gem Monarchy. Jewellery World Magazine.

By The Gem Monarchy


Located in Goulburn, New South Wales, Lucy in the Sky explores the diverse mix of contemporary and traditional beauty that gemstones can portray. Lucy’s journey into gemstones began at an incredibly young age. Her earliest memories are those of her grandmother’s jewellery box. This child-like intrigue into jewellery pushed into her career in the future as well. Lucy immersed herself in the natural beauty of gemstones and diamonds. 

Following this, she was fortunate enough to work for the Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier in Sydney. This is where she fell to the beauty of Argyle pink diamonds, and blue diamonds in particular. She then began work for Calleija Sydney Boutique, another Sydney-based high-end jewellery retailer. This then led to the birth of Lucy in the Sky, Lucy’s dream business where she has taken control over each and every aspect of her jewellery.


The jewellery industry is one that contains a lot of hurdles. However, being knowledgeable and approachable are two qualities that can assist in overcoming these challenges. This is especially true for Lucy in the Sky. 

Lucy believes that it is her “responsibility to educate the client on what exactly they are purchasing.” Fulfilling this responsibility has been made significantly easier for her through the many qualifications which she has earned, as well as the countless hours of study and experience which she has with all her stones. “These treasures are Mother Nature’s gift to us, and we simply have no choice but to respect them,” she says.


Lucy in the Sky utilises “a collaborative approach” when designing and creating its jewellery. The customer’s individual appeals, tastes, and preferences are the first point of call. Each is deeply considered before Lucy is then able to “provide options and ideas” for different designs. 

Lucy always aims to create “classic, timeless designs which have been injected with personality for all generations to enjoy.” She believes the “bespoke element is an exclusive service to have an individual piece created with quality gemstones and impeccable craftsmanship with a design that we can create together.”

As such, each piece is created to be deeply personal. With each bespoke piece is “a story of an individual, or a milestone specific to one person or a relationship.”


There are many directions that Lucy in the Sky can take when marching ahead. However, what Lucy places significance on is “exclusive high-end bespoke pieces.” She wants to continue reaching for and having “access to the world’s finest gemstones” and provide a “personalised service” for each and every customer.

“There is a high-end collective retail space called Ensemble & Co in Crookwell NSW [that] exhibits and sells my ready-to-wear items. In 2021 I opened my own two showrooms called ‘The Pearl Room’ and ‘The Diamond Room’. Both are located in Goulburn NSW. Furthermore, my international and domestic online client bases are growing every day.”

In addition to this, we will see the launch of Lucy in the Sky eCommerce store—which will allow for a greater influx of international and domestic clients and will showcase the beautiful jewellery that Lucy creates. Every step forward is another reminder that Lucy in the Sky “focuses on quality pieces, not quantity.”

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