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Situated in the quaint country town of Strathalbyn, South Australia, Maurice and Sonya Lorenz are the powerhouses behind Metal & Stone Jewellers.

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Situated in the quaint country town of Strathalbyn, South Australia, Maurice and Sonya Lorenz are the powerhouses behind Metal & Stone Jewellers. Running a successful family business with over a century of combined experience. Metal & Stone Jewellers use the unique stories of clients to weave jewellery into masterful designs with intricate delicacy.

Maurice and Sonya Lorenz – A Union of Experience and Education

Maurice, born in Adelaide, commenced his apprenticeship in 1981 under his father, one of the founding members of the Goldsmith’s Guild of South Australia. Following this, he travelled to Antwerp and worked with world-renowned diamond setter Alexander Sidorov, developing his skills in European stone setting. 

Sonya’s journey into the gem and jewellery world began in Cooper Pedy when commencing married life with Maurice. Here, she discovered her passion for coloured stones and all things jewellery. With her heart hailing towards fossicking and gem hunting, she pursued her education with the Gemological Institute of America and is now a certified jewellery professional. Additionally, she is also furthering her education and knowledge through the Gemmological Diploma from the GAA.

Patience and Experience – The Jewellery Making Process

Metal & Stone work diligently with every single client to create a memorable piece on every occasion. “All pieces require you to draw on different skills in your ‘toolbox.’” Furthermore, with individually catered pieces, Maurice and Sonya go above and beyond “creating new techniques to achieve the desired effect.” Not only do they “combine skills gained” over years of experience, but also “create new skills.”

With all of these unique techniques and highly refined skills—it is impossible to highlight Maurice’s most compelling design. “There have been many since I started in 1981, and each piece is special—telling the wearer’s story.” Maurice’s unique experience learning with Alexander Sidorov in Belgium also helps him go beyond what he thought was originally possible.

Powering Through the Modern Challenge

The modern landscape has provided a magnitude of challenges to the modern jeweller, business, and client alike. “Some of the challenges we now face in the industry are the budget constraints of some customers given the rise in cost of living. However, we have always found a way of providing the customer with a beautiful piece of jewellery by sourcing more affordable stones and a choice of metals without compromising on the quality of the finished piece.”

The important part of tackling any challenge is to “Always be a learner. The greatest masters were the greatest learners. Learn also how to pace yourself in everything you do. Our greatest inspiration is Maurice’s father, Manfred, who was a full-time Goldsmith for 67 years. He constantly reminds us to nurture the inner child and to remain curious and explore new ideas.”

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