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Combining contemporary design with classic artisanship, Figursky Jewellery works brilliantly to create timeless bespoke individual pieces.

By The Gem Monarchy

Innovatively combining contemporary design with classic artisanship, Figursky Jewellery works brilliantly to create timeless bespoke individual pieces. Situated in Auckland, New Zealand, Cristina Figursky is the mastermind behind the design. With a background in fine arts and design, she utilised her depth of knowledge and skill to formulate must-wear pieces with heirloom qualities.

Cristina Figursky – Patient Resilient Meticulous

Hailing from Moldova, Cristina moved to New Zealand. With this state of change, she launched herself into the jewellery industry with her greatest challenge. Being in a “new place and a new industry” she has toiled through with dedication and perseverance with Figursky Jewellery. Cristina’s educated background with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specialising in drawing, painting, illustration and photography was especially useful, as it allowed her to build her business to new levels, establishing a threshold of perfection for her work.

Images supplied by The Gem Monarchy

The Evolution of Art – Figursky

Cristina has “worn a few hats before starting Figursky.” With businesses in “stationary, silver jewellery, and finally bespoke jewellery with exclusively precious metals and gemstones.” Figursky, as it is today, presented itself during the transition to bespoke. A “namesake brand” with every intention of carrying on “heirloom quality.” A brand that “defeats time.”

Figursky evolved due to Cristina’s love of “jewellery, gemstones and arts.” Love is the most compelling reason to create a brand that combines all three. With artistic pieces that are wearable and transcend time through generations, Figursky is a symbol of everlasting luxury and quality design. “I wanted to work with mostly freeform cuts and bring a fresh new vision of what jewellery can be.”

Images supplied by The Gem Monarchy

Growth in All Areas

Figursky has flourished in the jewellery industry, with exponential business growth over the past two years. There have been a magnitude of reasons for this, but one aspect is Cristina’s unique perspective within her business.

Having a growth mindset, one of development and one of resilience, has helped Cristina overcome any barrier. ” It’s easy to throw in the towel but it is really hard to keep going day in and out on pure faith, ultimately the compound effect reveals itself. I think the perseverance through thick and thin has been the greatest achievement and battle of all time.” Regardless of foreign industry, or foreign country, Figursky Jewellery has persevered.

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