The Art of Presentation – Elevating Jewellery Retail in 2024

In the developing jewellery industry landscape, presentation is everything. As we venture into 2024, the importance of jewellery displays and packaging cannot be overstated.

Written by Ashie Luke

In the developing jewellery industry landscape, presentation is everything. As we venture into 2024, the importance of jewellery displays and packaging cannot be overstated. Jewellery is embracing creativity and innovation like never before, whether it’s captivating in-store displays that entice passersby to explore or thoughtfully designed packaging that tells a brand’s story. Retailers recognise that a jewellery piece’s journey is an integral part of the jewellery-buying experience, and this month, we explore how jewellery retailers can lift their display and packaging game in 2024.

Peter Boyd, the general manager of Grant Austin Display Packaging, emphasises his commitment to helping jewellery retailers elevate their game in 2024 by providing a comprehensive top-ten tip guide. This valuable guide offers practical insights for retailers to enhance their in-store displays and boost sales. Boyd says, “This tip guide goes through colours, spotlighting special products, ideas on how to display and highlight your jewellery, using themes to complement the season and more.” Retailers can use these strategies to stay competitive in the upcoming year and underscore the importance of presentation in the jewellery industry.

Merry Han, director of Tutu Display, provides insights into unique materials and design elements for retail store displays and packaging. “We select high-quality materials suitable for jewellery display and packaging for jewellery retailers,” she says. Moreover, Merry highlights her commitment to aligning these materials with the brand’s logo, colours, and other elements to ensure a consistent brand image. She notes it pays great attention to detail and creativity in displaying products and packaging, offering advanced customisation options for enhanced presentation.

John Paxinos, executive director of Imajpak, provides an overview of the comprehensive range of packaging and display solutions they offer to jewellery retailers. He states, “Imajpak offers a comprehensive range of packaging and display solutions tailored specifically for jewellery retailers.” This extensive product variety includes ring boxes, printed ribbons, gift bags, valuation folders, and pouches. Imajpak caters to a vast spectrum of retailer needs, enabling them to present their products appealingly and professionally. John highlights the availability of custom printing options, such as hot foil or full-colour processes, which allow for branding and personalisation, ultimately enhancing a retailer’s brand presence.

Packaging and Displays

Image supplied by Grant Austin Display Packaging

Retailer Accessibility 

John describes Imajpak’s flexibility in minimum order quantities, as low as 24 pieces, which is likely especially appealing to smaller retailers or those needing specialised or limited-edition packaging options. The extensive range of jewellery boxes, including unique choices like wood finish and musical ballerina boxes, offers diverse selections for retailers, accommodating different styles and preferences. Imajpak aims to be a one-stop solution for jewellery retailers, ensuring they can access a wide array of high-quality packaging options tailored to their specific needs, which will push retailers forward into the new year. 

Additionally, John describes Imajpak’s complimentary quote service for fully custom orders. This service empowers retailers to explore bespoke packaging solutions tailored to their brand identity and product offerings. Furthermore, Imajpak provides a full importing service, including door-to-door delivery, to enhance convenience and cost-savings for Imajpak’s customers. This comprehensive end-to-end service streamlines the procurement process for retailers, allowing them to focus on other crucial aspects of their business. Imajpak’s strategic approach positions them as a valuable partner in helping jewellery retailers navigate the challenges and capitalise on the trends of 2024.

When discussing the process for retailers to access and order Imajpak’s products and how this benefits them, John Paxinos highlights the company’s commitment to user-friendliness and convenience. He says, “Imajpak [strongly emphasises] providing a user-friendly and convenient experience for retailers.” Imajpak offers strictly wholesale access, allowing retailers to register and sign in, ensuring that only authorised users can access their comprehensive range of jewellery packaging and display solutions. The user-friendly interface simplifies the process, enabling retailers to explore their wide selection and simply place orders that align with their specific needs and branding requirements.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Merry Han outlines Tutu Display’s proactive approach to helping retailers stay ahead of the curve in 2024. She explains, “We pay attention to the market trends in the jewellery industry, help retailers meet changing market demands, and provide retailers with personalised customised services.” Tutu Display’s participation in global jewellery exhibitions and industry events ensures it stays informed about the latest design trends and innovative technologies. Additionally, they are attentive to sustainability trends and responsible sourcing, actively supporting the sustainable development of the jewellery industry.


Tutu Display

Image supplied by Tutu Display

When asked about the most significant challenges and trends jewellery retailers may face in 2024, John Paxinos highlights Imajpak’s commitment to staying attuned to the evolving industry landscape. He underlines the growing importance of branding and packaging, which aligns with the industry’s emphasis on a strong brand identity and delivering a memorable unboxing experience for customers. “We are constantly sourcing new designs and colours to match current fashion trends, showing a commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing retailers with options that resonate with their target audience,” he says. Packaging solutions that align with evolving customer expectations are available to jewellery retailers thanks to Imajpak’s dedication to adapting to these trends.

Customisation and Sustainability

Regarding evolving trends and challenges in the jewellery retail sector for 2024, Peter Boyd highlights Grant Austin Display Packaging’s dedication to customisation. “We are dedicated to working closely with our jewellery retail clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our packaging and display solutions to meet these challenges effectively,” he says. In recognition of retailers’ increasing demand for unique and personalised experiences, Grant Austin offers customisable options, enabling retailers to create bespoke packaging that aligns with their brand and connects with their customers on a personal level. 

In today’s competitive retail landscape, customisation and sustainability are pivotal, and Merry acknowledges these challenges. She points out that personalised demand is a primary challenge in the retail environment, stating, “Consumers are increasingly paying attention to personalisation and customised services.” To address this challenge, Tutu Display provides precise consumer positioning and personalised product services to attract consumers effectively.

Furthermore, they are committed to considering the environmental factors in the materials and production processes of jewellery display products, emphasising innovation and adaptability to respond to market competition and changes. Taking such an approach aligns with their commitment to supporting jewellery retailers in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market.

Peter Boyd also acknowledges the growing concern regarding sustainability. “We understand that the longevity of products in-store and the reduction of constant disposal are key aspects of sustainability,” he adds. Boyd highlights that Grant Austin Display Packaging’s sustainable approach enhances the jewellery presentation and supports retailers’ journey towards a more environmentally responsible business model. This approach reflects their commitment to sustainability and positions them as a partner in retailers’ efforts to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility in 2024.

Understanding Brands

Boyd emphasises that Grant Austin Display Packaging is not just a packaging supplier— it has become a strategic partner with its clients. He says, “The team at Grant Austin Display Packaging aims to encapsulate their ethos and values within every piece of packaging or display we provide.” This partnership approach highlights their commitment to ensuring the packaging aligns with the core brand principles. The focus on brand alignment and values resonates well with jewellery retailers, who place high importance on creating a consistent and compelling brand image.

Merry Han also explains how Tutu Display works closely with jewellery retailers to customise their store displays and packaging based on their specific needs and branding. She notes, “Understand the brand positioning, style, culture, and target customers. Based on these, we design a store display plan for the retailer while making the display cabinets, display props, and products consistent with the overall decoration style of the store.” It also prioritises the quality of the displayed products, ensuring their safety and paying attention to the environmental protection and durability of the materials. Tutu Display recognises what its customers need to attract the right target audience to excel in the future. 

Packaging and Displays

Image supplied by Tutu Display


Concerning innovative packaging designs and materials, Grant Austin Display Packaging stays at the forefront of industry advancements. Peter Boyd mentions their introduction of “Black lacquered wood with built-in LED light boxes” as a prime example of this innovation. This addition enhances the presentation of unique jewellery pieces by providing better lighting and durable materials. Boyd’s reference to their innovative approach highlights their commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the jewellery industry in 2024.

Merry Han delves into how Tutu Display enhances jewellery presentation in retail settings through specialised LED lighting. “We independently develop and produce specialised LED lights in high power for different types of jewellery,” she says. The design team focuses on creating LED lights specifically tailored to enhance the beauty and sales of jewellery. 

For Merry, choosing the correct LED lighting is essential because different jewellery types require distinct lighting. For example, they use cool white LED lights in a 45-degree reflection to accentuate the sparkle and colour of diamonds. When displaying gold and other precious metals, they choose warm-toned LED lights that make the jewellery look warmer and richer. Merry emphasises that the materials used are carefully selected to include aluminium and high-power LED lamps imported from overseas, ensuring effective heat dissipation and performance.

Technology and Innovation

Tutu Display recognises the growing role of technology in retail displays. Merry explains, “For shopping experience and interaction, our products are mainly reflected in the audio-visual aspect.” Tutu Display prioritises features such as installing TVs or touch screens on the wall to enhance consumer interaction, allowing customers to browse and compare various products and improve consumer satisfaction and purchase desire. Additionally, its store design provides jewellery retailers with a well-thought-out store layout, optimising the display of jewellery products and enabling consumers to have a better shopping experience.

Merry Han offers insights into Tutu Display’s innovative features and products for 2024. Tutu is embracing technological advancements, such as RFID electronic locks, to make daily operations more convenient for retailers. Additionally, their products include functional upgrades, such as lighting, remote control, and anti-theft features, which enhance display effects and improve the efficiency of managing jewellery. This innovative approach aligns with its commitment to supporting retailers in creating remarkable in-store experiences and packaging designs.

The insights and innovations shared by Peter Boyd, Merry Han, and John Paxinos reflect a commitment to helping jewellery retailers thrive in 2024. With a focus on customisation, sustainability, and cutting-edge design, these industry leaders will elevate the art of presentation and meet the dynamic demands of the market. Next year and beyond, retailers can look forward to embracing these valuable strategies to ensure their continued success.

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